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originally published 01/31/1983 AT 01:00 AM EST

Clint Eastwood
Your cover on Clint Eastwood (PEOPLE, Jan. 10) made my day. I've followed his career since Rawhide, so it was a pleasure to read a sympathetic story with gorgeous pictures.
Donna L. Copman
Newton Centre, Mass.

Nancy Reagan's Hairdressers
Your article on the First Lady's hairdressers and their antics paints an unfair picture. I speak for those of us who stand behind our chairs 40 hours every week in order to make the rest of America beautiful. We are very hardworking, understanding women and men who take pride in doing our best to serve our clients.
Victoria M. Jones
Glenview, Ill.

I'd like to enlighten Robin Weir about sanitary measures. Any cosmetologist knows that you do not put clips in your mouth. Not only is it unsanitary, but it is also very unprofessional. Mr. Weir's technique is downright gross. That's a good set, though.
Kelly Jo Reasinger
Du Bois, Pa.

It's nice to see that while millions of people are out of work, Nancy Reagan manages to keep three hairdressers employed.
Sharon Rzaca

Sister Emmanuelle
I was touched by your article about Sister Emmanuelle's work among the garbage collectors of Cairo. Please give me an address to which I can send a contribution.
Sam Monet
Kawaihae, Hawaii

Mail checks—not cash—to Sister Emmanuelle, 74 Kobeissy St., Apt. No. 6, Daher, Cairo, Egypt.—ED.

Simon & Simon
A.J. Simon, the character played by Jameson Parker, is closer to my fantasies than his partner. He's a good-looking guy who dresses well, drives a nice car, and always knows the right thing to say. Gerald McRaney's Rick Simon, however, is reality. Nice-looking, but a little rough around the edges, the sort who drives a pickup and wears jeans. That's a man I could live with.
Laura Duncan
Urbana, Ohio

Picks & Pans
# @½$ to your prudish critic! What kind of language did he expect the street-tough characters in 48 Hrs. to speak: "Golly, gee whiz, you big dummy"? If he hadn't been so busy gasping, he might have noticed that it was a taut, well-written, wonderfully acted cops-and-robbers thriller!
Scott Dejack
Las Vegas

I'm glad that someone else was offended by the language in 48 Hrs. The most vulgar words were truly driven into the ground. No wonder you hear 5-year-old kids telling everyone where to go, where to stick it and what they should do.
Mark Ray

Billy Joel
The vast majority of Allentonians, myself included, love Billy Joel and his song Allentown as well as the city of the same name. Nonetheless, while it's true that Allentown has a slum area approximately six blocks square that is undergoing demolition and reconstruction, why did PEOPLE find it appropriate to picture this area as representative of Allentown? This is a beautiful city. Quit reaching for pathos.
Janet Creveling
Allentown, Pa.

The Appledorf Murder
In your article about the murder of the "junk food professor," I found myself sympathizing with the three teenage suspects. If they are found guilty, I hope that they are punished but that they are also helped and loved. The inhuman beings who physically and psychologically abused these three sad souls should also be on trial.
Perry Smith
Williston, N.Dak.

I was shocked to see Shane Kennedy involved in the Appledorf killing. I remember him as a classmate taunted to extremes by fellow students, including me, because he was "different." I feel disgusted with myself and others who added rejection at school to his family problems.
Name Withheld
Hacienda Heights, Calif.

One loses sight of the real victim in your story about the death of Professor Appledorf. May I remind you that "the pointless act" allegedly committed by these three youths is the heinous crime of cold-blooded murder?
Mary Quinn Hobbs

Rev. Jerry Falwell
Last July my orientation at Lynchburg College proved more thought-provoking than I expected. On a tour of the city, we passed the Rev. Jerry Falwell's mansion. At the time, I questioned why he needed a high wall and a guard to protect his property. Later I realized that, while he may be a man who advocates religion, he's also making a large profit from his profession.
Robin Moore
Lynchburg, Va.

Since 18,000 people in Lynchburg have accepted Jerry Falwell as their pastor, it is difficult to believe that he is as bad as your smear job indicated. Jesus Christ was not honored by everyone in Nazareth, and he ended up on a cross.
Paul W. Stephens
Austin, Texas

In a letter to PEOPLE, Andrew Wick-ham said that he would not remove a garter from the "leg of a 37-year-old woman" but that he does take garters from the "legs of 28-year-old girls." At 27, I have lived on my own as a responsible adult for several years, and I stopped thinking of myself as a "girl" a long time ago. I can hardly imagine that, had Mr. Wickham been referring to males rather than to females, he would have used the phrase "28-year-old boys."
Debra C. Rotolo
South Pasadena, Calif.

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