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updated 01/31/1983 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 01/31/1983 AT 01:00 AM EST

Classy Clapton
Eric Clapton's latest single is called I've Got a Rock and Roll Heart, but it's clear that the 37-year-old guitarist has a businessman's wardrobe as well. Traveling with wife Patti Boyd, 38, as he embarked on his first U.S. tour in two years, Clapton adopted the camouflage of Savile Row threads to avoid hassles with autograph seekers and fellow first-class fliers. But fret not, rock fans. Eric says, "I'll be back in jeans when I go onstage."

Tuneful Twiggy
The darling of the '60s is back. This March Twiggy, 33, makes her Broadway debut in My One and Only, a new musical based on George and Ira Gershwin's Funny Face. Starring with 6'6" choreographer/ director Tommy Tune keeps the 5'6" actress on the tips of her taps. Still, gushes Tommy, "I've never had a partner I matched so well. Our only problem is that we're so skinny our bones clank when we dance."

Flower power
Brooke Shields makes friends wherever she goes. On a break from shooting an adventure flick called Sahara in Tel Aviv, Shields, 17, shared a bouquet with women from the Israeli Army. Our Miss Brooke also had a pal across the border: Jordan's Prince Talal. Brooke met the Prince, who is Hussein's nephew, when he was a college student in Texas. "I speak to him like anybody," she says. "He doesn't expect me to treat him like a prince."

M*A*S*H note
The war is over, and as its final act before decamping from Korea, the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital stuffs one of Klinger's dresses into a time capsule. So concludes the 251st and final half-hour episode of CBS' beloved 11-year-old comedy series, filmed earlier this month. The cast mustered a smile for the scene, but it was a lachrymose occasion indeed. Sniffled Alan Alda: "I'll be in tears all day."

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