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Diana, Princess of Wales
I think your article about the Princess of Wales (PEOPLE, Jan. 31) was very unfair! The press wouldn't leave her alone during a much needed vacation, and I know from experience that that can be very frustrating. I sympathize with her.
Amy Carter
Plains, Ga.

I find it hard to sympathize with Diana's poor-little-rich-girl image. I would gladly relieve her of her "ordeal." She, in return, can clean my house, fold my laundry and cook for my family. How many other young couples are forfeiting ski trips and shopping trips because of inflation? How many jobless people are being forced onto the streets? Diana's dilemma is a royal pain.
Susan Elston
Rocky, Okla.

Whatever happened to the axiom "Live and let live"? Honestly, would you appreciate being disturbed on your private holiday? Media tactics never cease to amaze me. I'm not exactly the First Lady, but I have had many dealings with the press and, yes, they can be wolves. Let's mind our own business and leave Charles and Diana to live happily ever after.
Lisa-Marie Allen
Ice Capades

Eddie Murphy
Sure, I thought Eddie Murphy did a fine job in 48 Hrs., but it seems that the only way a black actor can get a big-money movie deal, as Murphy and Pryor have, is to be constantly funny. It's sad that Paramount, for instance, didn't give the same consideration to Howard Rollins for Ragtime, in which he gave a brilliant dramatic performance. But then again, whatever the (white) audience wants...
James C. Johnson

Your article on Eddie Murphy confirms my opinion of what some whites look for in black creativity. Mr. Murphy's character portrayals are crude, racist, amateurish—never a positive image to balance the stereotypes. I hope Mr. Murphy wises up and recognizes that a man is nothing if he sells his birthright.
R. Eugene Watlington
New York City

Someone should remind Eddie Murphy that his mother is included in his labeling of women as "bitches." It goes without saying what that makes him.
Janice P. Ellis
Hayward, Calif.

Eddie Murphy may seem to have "filled Pryor's job slot," but that is because he is a genuinely likable person who is not only young and enjoying it but is also mature and self-directed—not bent on his own destruction as so many young comic actors are. As for complaints about his vulgar mouth, shee-it man, he's just expressive.
Jennifer S. Machinist

Murphy's Law
Add one more corollary to Murphy's Law: "If there is a success story about Edward Murphy in PEOPLE, it will be about the other Eddie Murphy."
Robert A. Green
Whitehall, Pa.

Diane McBain
Thank you very much for printing Diane McBain's first-person account of her rape. I was raped—in my case by someone I knew well, someone I had let into my home. I could do nothing but endure because my children were sleeping in their rooms. I did not report the crime or go for counseling because of my shame. I still relive the torture. Today I think I would probably report the rape; Ms. McBain's article and others like it have helped women to know that we victims are not to blame.
Name Withheld
Findlay, Ohio

I was moved by the story of the assault on Diane McBain. However, I was disturbed by the picture of McBain and her counselor, Edie Lehrer, in which Lehrer is handing McBain a whistle. This is an excellent tool to call for help, but wearing it around your throat only offers your attacker another weapon to use against you. When we supply safety whistles, we suggest they be attached to the wrist with elastic. This also eliminates the problem of fumbling to find the whistle.
Christine J. Myers
East Hartford Police Dept.
East Hartford, Conn.

Edie Lehrer suggests another alternative: Attach the whistle to your key chain.

The New Immigrants
I couldn't restrain a wry chuckle in response to the plight of the "New Immigrants" who, having found that life in Europe was draining off their wealth, had to come to America in an effort to stay rich. Poor dears! I work to supplement my husband's salary, juggle household duties and still try to be a mother to our three children, while these pathetic creatures gather at Club A, dripping with pearls and furs, to sip Dom Perignon until 3 a.m. while lamenting the condition of their relatives back home. I must admit to feeling happier and better adjusted than your "New Immigrants"; unlike them, I have realized that the accumulation of wealth does not guarantee happiness.
L.P. Bennett

Glen Campbell
About his new marriage, Glen Campbell says, "There's got to be a captain of this ship and there's got to be a first mate." My advice to the fourth mate of Capt. Campbell's fleet of ships: Get a life jacket. His first three ships sank.
Kristy Kelly

Enough already! Letter writer Sharon Rzaca remarks archly that it's "nice" that "Nancy Reagan manages to keep three hairdressers employed." The Reagans either earned or inherited their money, however much it may be, and it's their money. To heck with these sour-grapers who try to tell the Reagans, or anyone else, how, they should spend their money.
Dorthy M. Ross
Rochester, Ill.

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