A Star Is Born, and Then Another, and Another, and Another as the Goldman Quads Take to the Tube

updated 02/28/1983 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/28/1983 AT 01:00 AM EST

If you can't shoot J.R. or hire Liz Taylor for a guest appearance, the next best ratings booster is a baby. A blessed event worked wonders this season for ABC's Too Close for Comfort. Now the producers of the long-running (27 years) CBS soap As the World Turns have gone Too Close not one but three better. Taking their cue last September from news reports about the birth of quadruplets to Cheryl and Bill Goldman, a Queens, N.Y. couple, Turns' writers quickly spun a multiple delivery for their show's expectant couple, Drs. Annie and Jeff Ward (Mary Lynn Blanks and Robert Lipton).

Surprisingly, the network never contacted the Goldmans, thinking the babies would be too big. A casting call went out for two sets of twins. But on the advice of the agent of her sister, whose two children are actors, Mrs. Goldman, 29, took her still tiny tots to CBS and won the roles hands down.

So far there have been no mishaps for the 5-month-old quads except Mama Goldman's surprise at seeing "my Jewish babies christened" for a March 7 episode. A nurse and two assistants help whisk the babies on and off the set for tapings. By law they can work only four hours a day, but they bring in $200 each per episode.

Unlike the quads' well-off TV parents, the Goldmans barely scrape by on husband Bill's $22,000 salary as a postal clerk at Kennedy Airport. Along with daughter Darcy, 3, the Goldmans live in a newly cramped walk-up.

Both Blanks and Lipton praise the quads' behavior. "My favorite is David," says Blanks. "He just chortles and giggles." Cheryl admits the kids love the attention. "They don't get held very long at home," she explains. There is also no sign of showbiz temperament as yet. "They're reacting very well," says Mama. "They eat, they sleep, they spit up—the usual."

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