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updated 03/21/1983 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/21/1983 AT 01:00 AM EST

When Isabella Rossellini, 30, Ingrid Bergman's look-alike daughter, signed her multimillion-dollar contract as a model for Lancôme cosmetics in August, the event called for champagne. Cigars now seem more in order—Isabella is expecting in July. Following her recent divorce from director Martin (The King of Comedy) Scorsese, Isabella and model John Wiedemann, who's worked for Calvin Klein, secretly wed last month in the Dominican Republic. The blush of love, however, isn't what some Lancôme execs had in mind. They hadn't counted on their megabuck baby becoming pregnant.

Grace Jones clones! This spring the leather-bound disco star plans to launch a mail-order accessories line. The $500 limited-edition mask, molded, made up and signed by the singer herself, is definitely flat-top of the line. Other items include rubber ankle and wrist bracelets, dark lipstick, sunglasses, black gloves and hats....

Grace of a different sort links designer Gloria Sachs and the Sisters of the Good Shepherd in Silver Spring, Md., who want the couturier, known for her quality fabrics, to update their con-vent-ional look. Says Sachs' administrative assistant Nancy Aronson, "The nuns want something practical, in fabrics that wear well and in sizes suitable for the full-figure girl." Undoubtedly, basic black is preferred.

Drew (E.T.) Barrymore's mother, Ildiko, takes a very terrestrial dig at Gandhi, which has won 11 Academy Award nominations compared with E.T.'s nine. Regarding Gandhi as a "message" movie that might well sweep the Oscars, Ildiko says, "I may be prejudiced, but I agree with Sam Goldwyn's saying, 'If you want a message, call Western Union.' "

Move over, Ken and Barbie, the inevitable has happened. The self-proclaimed Royal Britannia Collection is now selling Prince Charles and Princess Diana dolls ($29.95 each). Tiny duplicates of the royals' fashionable clothes will be available next year. The dolls will make their debut in toy stores, not to mention the J.C. Penney and Montgomery Ward catalogs, this fall. A porcelain Prince William doll (wearing a replica of the christening gown) is due by Christmas....

Meanwhile little kids in Canada are grabbing up Mattel's Wayne Gretzky doll ($15 Canadian), which might skate onto U.S. toy store shelves sometime next year. The doll comes with an Edmonton Oilers' uniform, hockey stick, gloves and skates. Road uniform, sweat suit and tuxedo are sold separately.

Its prime-time situation is bad enough, but disastrous is too mild a word to describe NBC's daytime schedule (its top show, Days of Our Lives, is ninth in the Nielsens). Look for a daily soap opera based on the 1980 miniseries Scruples, which in turn was based on Judith Krantz's 1978 best-seller. No word yet on casting, but don't hold your breath waiting for Lindsay Wagner.

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