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updated 04/11/1983 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 04/11/1983 AT 01:00 AM EST

A new sci-fi flick from Steven Spielberg called Gremlins is scheduled to begin filming in L.A. later this month. Phoebe (Fast Times at Ridgemont High) Cates, 19, has been cast as the female lead, but there's no point in pumping her for info. This project is so hush-hush that Cates was permitted to read the script at home only in the presence of one of Spielberg's security guards—who reclaimed the screenplay as soon as Phoebe was finished.

Second Hand Rose can be proud of her secondhand clothes if she shops at the Retake Room in Studio City, Calif. After all, darling, it's the discount outlet for used movie wardrobes. And such bargains! Princess Di's wedding dress (size 6) from ABC's Charles and Diana: A Royal Love Story sold for only $100. Henry Fonda's blue cotton sports coat from On Golden Pond brought a mere $50. And you won't get hosed in the sock department either; a pair Dudley Moore wore in Six Weeks went for a dime.

"If you don't look good," goes Vidal Sassoon's jingle, "we don't look good." The King of Tresses has signed good-looker Donna Dixon, 25, and her goldilocks to a one-year, six-figure contract to promote his hair products. Her first spot airs in May.

ABC is in a lather over Soap Opera Soap—three-ounce bars of French soap that bear full-color logos of General Hospital, All My Children, One Life to Live and Ryan's Hope. The soaps, which are individually packaged in boxes that look like TV sets, will debut this month at $2 a bar....

CBS has been in the spin cycle with its soap queen Eileen Fulton, who has played Lisa on As the World Turns since 1960. At press time Fulton and the network were still ironing out the details of her new contract. One wrinkle: Eileen is slated to appear next fall in the Broadway production of a musical sequel to A Doll's House called Nora.

The battle of the bands has gone video with the debut last month of The MTV Basement Tapes, a 30-minute show on Warner Amex's music cable channel. Featuring six unsigned bands each month, the contest is decided by the viewers. An hour after the first show, some 30,000 viewers called MTV's 900 number to cast their votes. The winner: the Young Invaders, from Cincinnati. Round Two airs April 13, with the final chord scheduled for September. The grand prize is an EMI-America recording contract and a new video clip that will air on—where else?—MTV.

The number to call when Operation Prime Time's new syndicated talent show, Star Search, premieres this month is 1-900-210-STAR. Winners from the two-hour opener, hosted by John (Dukes of Hazzard) Schneider, will return this fall to face challengers in a 26-week competition for a total of more than $1.5 million in cash prizes. Schneider won't be back, however. In fact, he'll work just half a season on CBS' Dukes next fall so that he can follow his current movie, Eddie Macon's Run, with other film projects.

Oh, yes, the world's first underwater resort is scheduled to open off the coast of Grand Cayman Island in the Caribbean next fall. Called Jules' Habitat, the hotel is nothing if not exclusive; it will accommodate only four people at a time. Guests check in via minisub shuttle. The proposed rates are $235 a day per person, and unlike the continental-shelf plan, meals are included.

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