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updated 05/30/1983 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/30/1983 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Ever since The Exorcist, Linda Blair, 24, has been haunted by typecasting demons. "I'm tired of people asking me to spin my head and throw up pea soup," she gripes. Though none too thrilled with her last role as a prison inmate in the soon-to-be-released Chained Heat, Linda's excited by her next project, The Unknown Comic Movie, co-starring Ruth Buzzi and Murray Langston. (He's the comedian who performs with a bag over his head, which, by the way, doesn't spin.) "The movie is slapstick humor," says Linda. "Murray and I will be like Gracie Allen and George Burns." This we've got to see.

Ex-Charlie's Angel Tanya Roberts, 28, is planning to shed her loincloth image after she wraps Sheena, Queen of the Jungle early next year. (Her last screen part, you'll recall, was as a scantily clad slave girl in The Beastmaster.) For her next role, Tanya and husband Barry, 35, are considering a maternity wardrobe. "I want to be pregnant by the time I'm 30," says Tanya. "After Sheena, I think we might try to slip one in—no pun intended."...Word is that rocker Pat Benatar won't be touring for a while because she and hubby Neil Geraldo also want to start a family. Benatar's new LP, recorded live during her recent European and American tour, will be shipped in September. No indication yet when the baby announcements will go out.

Robert Wagner will star in an HBO movie called To Catch a King, scheduled to begin shooting in June. The story line: Two German SS officers plot to kidnap the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, who are living in Lisbon, where the film is set. Wagner plays an American expatriate nightclub owner who eventually foils the scheme. He's aided by a cabaret singer. (Reportedly, Susan Sarandon and Teri Garr are considering the part.) Sound vaguely familiar? Wagner's club is called Joe Jackson's American Bar—presumably just down the street from Rick's Cafe Americaine.

No sooner will her first literary effort, The Linda Evans Beauty & Exercise Book (Simon & Schuster, $9.95), be on the shelves this summer than the Dynasty star will begin her next heavyweight tome. Tentatively titled Linda Evans' Gourmet Cookbook, it's due out next spring. Her favorite creation: crab and cream cheese appetizer. ABC's daytime soap stars have also cooked up a collection of their culinary faves. Due next month, it's called The Love in the Afternoon Cookbook (M. Evans and Company, $7.95). Tony Geary (Luke Spencer on General Hospital) proffers Luke's Crazy Mixed-Up Stew. Susan Lucci (Erica Kane on All My Children) serves up Sultry Seviche, Lovers' Fondue and Passion Pâté.

Get a whiff of this: The latest development in scratch-and-sniff merchandising is the Aroma Disc by Charles of the Ritz. When "played" on a unit that resembles a cassette deck, the disc diffuses your favorite scent throughout an entire room within two minutes. A short-play disc provides an hour of continuous fragrance and is good for 30 plays; a long-play disc can be used 150 times. The discs ($1 to $5 each) will be on the market this fall in 40 scents—including University Club (which smells like leather), Movie Time (buttered popcorn) and Riviera (suntan lotion). The Aroma Disc Player goes for $20. Designer models by Giorgio Sant'-Angelo, however, will fetch as much as $150, a price tag sure to put some noses out of joint.

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