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updated 06/13/1983 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 06/13/1983 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Apocalypse when?
Although the evening was designed for sobering reflection, Lesley Ann Warren, 36, and her housemate of six years, choreographer Jeffrey Hornaday, 27, were all smiles after a Los Angeles screening of the apocalyptic chiller WarGames. Maybe they were still on cloud nine because of the success of Jeffrey's first movie, Flash-dance. Hornaday's big break came nine months ago when Warren's ex, Flashdance producer John Peters, complained to her that he had to replace the movie's original choreographer. Didn't Hornaday do that kind of work? Peters asked. He did, Peters hired him, and the rest is $40 million and counting in Flashdance receipts. "I'm thrilled with what's happened," says Hornaday, a high school dropout from San Jose, Calif. who now has a film deal with Paramount. "It's everything I've ever worked for and dreamed about."

Wild Oates
Paul Newman, watch your tailpipe. Add to the list of celebrity race drivers rocker John Oates, 34, preparing to test-drive a souped-up Camaro before the three-hour Coca-Cola 500 Camel GT at Connecticut's Lime Rock Park. Oates' actual race entry was a Porsche 924 in which he and co-driver George Drolsom placed fourth in their class and tenth overall. How does that compare to Top 40?

Lucky in love
Among the folks celebrating Cher's 37th birthday at Sonny Bono's L.A. restaurant were Goldie Hawn, 37, and escort Kurt Russell, 32. Pals since their February meeting on the set of the recently wrapped comedy Swing Shift, Hawn, the movie's producer and star, and Russell, her co-star (whose character is named, appropriately, Lucky), spent the evening feeding each other birthday cake and murmuring high-calorie nothings.

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