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originally published 06/27/1983 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Carrie Fisher
George Lucas should thank his lucky stars, particularly supernova Carrie Fisher (PEOPLE, June 6). It has been a rare delight to watch Carrie and her character Princess Leia reach a lovely maturity over the last seven years and three movies. Her all too brief, tender scenes in Jedi make an appealing counterbalance to Lucas' frenetic pacing and dazzling special effects.
David Letourneau
Auburn, Maine

With ticket prices topping $5 for Return of the Jedi, it would have been nicer to see the movie before discovering the best parts of the plot in print. I was reading an otherwise interesting article about Carrie Fisher, unaware that one incidental paragraph would ruin three years of excitement and anticipation. Thanks a lot, PEOPLE.
Beth Covington
Cleveland, Tenn.

Debbie Reynolds must have done something right. Carrie and Todd Fisher are clearly her greatest successes.
Pam Ozment
Dyersburg, Tenn.

Remar Sutton
I was infuriated by Remar Sutton's attitude toward car salespeople. What's wrong with smiling? I've been selling cars for two years, and I have learned that, even in a competitive market, a smiling face will bring people back for a second visit. I strive to be friendly, honest and sincere in this business, while Mr. Sutton makes us all out to be Attila the Hun in disguise.
Judy Chapman Mitchell
Austin, Texas

If Remar Sutton was a highly successful new-car salesman and dealer for six years, why did he quit this highly profitable profession and start writing trash books for car buyers? His remark that "the car-buying public has been lied to too much" may be true 10 percent of the time, but I'm here to tell you that the car-buying public has lied to the salesman 80 percent of the time. It seems to be perfectly acceptable if the potential buyer is late for an appointment, requests that you hold a car and never returns, goes to the bank for his money and never comes back, lies about oil consumption on his trade-in so that you sell it to your best customer and lose him, stops payment on his check after an enjoyable weekend in your car and so forth and so on. Thank God for the 20 percent with manners enough to treat salesmen as they would like to be treated themselves. Many of the "tricks of the trade" discussed by Sutton are true. They may be used by so-called volume dealers, and car buyers should beware. Forewarned is forearmed.
Roy Bobo
Lexington, N.C.

Elizabeth Taylor
A Friars Club roast with the guest of honor off limits? Good grief, Liz, if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.
Gregg Harris
Lake City, Mich.

As a guest at the Elizabeth Taylor roast, I was annoyed at the tone of your story covering the event. What I witnessed was a lovely tribute to Ms. Taylor, who looked smashing and seemed to adore every moment. I did not hear the sarcasm your reporter picked up. Maybe she was an undercover agent sent by Joan Rivers.
Bill Goulding
New York City

Even with her extra poundage, Elizabeth Taylor is an outstanding beauty and a classy woman. She is proof that being overweight does not necessarily mean being an ugly misfit.
Barbara Tummolo
Spring Valley, N.Y.

Beth Smith
I feel it is simply marvelous that Beth Smith started Nanny Inc. for the sake of women struggling to balance career and parenthood. But why are articles of this nature written nine times out of 10 solely with a woman in mind? I belong to the small minority of male single parents, and I have all the same fears about quality child care. How about equal time?
John Kearney
Plymouth, Mass.

Beth Smith's comment about infant care centers—"They make me shudder—newborns need to be cuddled and talked to, and they don't do that"—angered me. I work in a day-care center, caring for babies as young as two months. I give them affection and tenderness all day long. If there's no time for one child, I make time and forget about a chore for a while. It'll get done, even if I have to come in early or stay late. I hope that Beth Smith hears me.
Ellen J. Root
Croydon, Pa.

William Fain
Three cheers for California's Governor Deukmejian and his decision to revoke the parole of William Fain. As a victim of rape and kidnap, I know firsthand that this shattering experience affected not only me but every single person who cares about me. Fain harmed not only the man he murdered and his family but also the girls he raped and their loved ones. If his attorney and the psychiatrist who examined him are so confident that Fain is rehabilitated, let them be responsible. Let him live around their families. Then we will see how confident they truly are.
Sheryl Lawrence
Huntington Beach, Calif.

Michael Reagan
I find it sadly ironic that Nancy Davis Reagan, a woman whose future was molded not by her biological father but by her stepfather, can treat her own stepchildren, Michael and Maureen, so thoughtlessly. Obviously, the lessons of Dr. Loyal Davis meant nothing to her, in spite of what she has proclaimed. The more I learn about our First Lady, the more respect I lose. Is it too late for her to repair the damage?
Cheryl Smith
Danielson, Conn.

I wish Michael Reagan had remained the unknown son, instead of appearing in your magazine. He sounded sorry for himself, crying that Daddy's too busy running or ruining the country and doesn't have time for little Mikey.
Jean M. Homan
Port Charlotte, Fla.

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