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updated 07/04/1983 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/04/1983 AT 01:00 AM EDT

The Buck stops (Teri) here
No, that wasn't the 1983 mixed-gender version of The Three Stooges, though such role reversal wouldn't seem too startling since Teri Garr (left) played footsie with Tootsie. Actually Teri, 33, was mugging with actor-screenwriter Buck Henry, 52, and female body builder Lisa Lyon, 30, at an L.A. exhibit of kooky clothes, including feathered knits and space-age swimsuits. When a photographer asked Teri's opinion of the futuristic garments, Henry hand-gagged her and interposed: "She doesn't have a thing to say." Teri, who has just begun filming an HBO movie, To Catch a King, about a Nazi plot to murder the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, had her mind attuned to another era. Anyway, she notes, her tastes run to "old-fashioned, sexy clothes."

Finney dipping
Pity Albert Finney. First he had to shave his head for Annie. Now he takes it all off to soak in a vintage zinc tub for a scene in the movie The Dresser, filming in England and based on Ronald Harwood's 1980 play. Finney plays the rambunctious, 70ish actor-manager of a theatrical road company during WW II. Not only does Finney, 47, go through enough costume changes to make Liz Taylor jealous, he also wears enough makeup to make Estée Lauder blush.

Matt at bat
"Where's Charlie Lau when I really need him?" lamented Matthew Broderick, 21, at bat in the sixth after popping out in the fourth and fifth innings of a Broadway Show League game in Manhattan's Central Park. The mere thought of the White Sox batting coach who made Broderick a baseball wizard in Max Dugan Returns seemed to do the trick. Broderick swung into a two-base hit, thus helping his Brighton Beach Memoirs team knock the socks off a (for once) fully clad Oh! Calcutta! crew, 6-3.

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