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originally published 07/04/1983 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Everything Must Go
Yes, folks, even Cher has problems with cash flow. Or so it seems. First, her six-bedroom home with its Egyptian-style interior and four-acre plot in L.A.'s Benedict Canyon went on the market for a mere $6.4 million. (She bought it for about $3 million.) Then she threw a little garage sale that included shoes, lingerie and black leather duds. Only friends who received a personal call from Cher or her mom gained admission to the event which, as rumor has it, was held to raise money for a trip to Tahiti. In any case, none of Cher's glamorous Bob Mackie creations hung from the sale rack. Sure, times are tough—but not that tough.

Moore for Less
After admitting that he took his James Bond role in Octopussy only as a favor to producer Cubby Broccoli, Roger Moore told the syndicated radio show Assignment Hollywood that he's hardly as heroic as 007. Said Moore, "Everything goes on around me and I just wander through, trying not to blink when the bullets go off and trying not to look petrified when the explosions go off." If that's the case, why did the moviemaker want Moore for the part? Answers Roger, with undoubtedly more modesty than honesty, "He couldn't find anybody who works as cheap."

Good Neighbors
Dean Martin claimed he had only one glass of wine at a London fete where the Variety Club of Great Britain, joined by Princess Anne, helped him celebrate his 66th birthday. That's something to brag about. The self-styled Ole Red Eyes, famed for his ability to pack them away, now jokes about past booze-guzzling days and says he can't remember the last time he had a hangover. Another thing the three-times-married-and-divorced Dino seems to have forgotten: the reason why in 1972 he divorced wife No. 2, former beauty queen Jeanne Biegger, 56. Recently they found themselves living only a block and a half away from each other in Beverly Hills and renewed their friendship in neighborly fashion. Dean announced at his birthday that they may remarry, but the sexagenarian played down the commitment. "We've had a lot of fun living away from each other," he said. "Now we've had a lot of fun together again."

Hold the Health Food
A former Elektra Records promotion manager has just decided to uncover the latest diet scandal, involving one Mr. Richard Simmons. As the story goes, the diet-exercise guru worked up a major appetite on the way to promote his album, Reach, at a suburban mall last year. When Richard asked his record company chauffeur to stop for food, the driver said he didn't spot any appropriate eateries. "Whaddaya mean?" snapped Simmons. "There's McDonald's! Pull in!" After discreetly parking in the back of the lot, the driver fetched Richard's snack: a double cheeseburger, fries and a large Coke. So that's where he gets all his energy.

At Arm's Length
Though Sandy Duncan tried to join the line back in 1965, New York's famous Rockettes never did number her among their ranks; she was two inches too short. Now, as she headlines a three-month Rockettes show at New York's Radio City Music Hall, Sandy pretends to harbor a new kind of resentment. In one number her husband, dancer Don Correia, flirts with the leggy showgirls. Afterward Sandy berates him for his dancing infidelity. Referring to his part in the nightclub act of another famous entertainer, Sandy glides her slight frame into Don's arms and says, "I'm sure you've danced this close with Ann-Margret." "Honey," replies her husband, "you can't dance this close with Ann-Margret."

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