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Sally Ride
It is wonderful to know that Sally Ride (PEOPLE, June 20) was on board the Challenger because she was the best-qualified person to complete the team, not because it was "time" to send an American woman into space.
Pat Dillon

In your scramble to prove yourselves more enlightened than the rest of the media, you slipped. Right on your cover, no less. Properly aghast at the "dumb chauvinist questions" of your competitors, you proceed to stumble right into their midst by claiming Sally Ride "is ready to prove herself." Ms. Ride is a B.A., B.S., Ph.D., accomplished engineer, superlative athlete, experienced NASA staff member—with the confidence and competence appropriate to her accomplishments. She's got nothing to prove. But I'm afraid you do.
Thomas F. Atlee
Brookline, Mass.

What a gorgeous cover photo. Finally you print a picture of an outstanding female who isn't neurotic, hasn't been through three divorces, has sensible parents, and isn't afraid to smile a real smile at the camera, even if a few wrinkles show around her eyes. Let's see more coverage of people like Sally Ride to inspire us and less of TV and movie celebrities.
N. Clark

Baseball Wives
How would Mike Marshall and Jim Bouton like it if their daughters were treated as they treated the Baseball Annies? It seems their derisive attitude toward these women spilled over into their relations with their wives, too.
M. French
Findlay, Ohio

I was appalled by your article on baseball wives in which these two women literally air their dirty laundry. No matter how bad a marriage is and who the two people are, your vows are sacred and your marriage should be, too. As the wife of a professional football player, I resent the connotations applied to athletes in this book. I have seen athletes use their fame and name to sway women, but I have also seen lots of other men do the same thing. I have learned over the past six years that I cannot look to my husband for my happiness. It must come from my faith in God and from being happy with myself. It doesn't bother me that my husband is in the limelight. I know that I am his hero.
Diana Carter
Aurora, Colo.

Rubin Carter is a defensive tackle for the Denver Broncos.

Sock it to 'em, Bobbie Bouton and Nancy Marshall. I've heard it all, too. When I was the wife of a network correspondent, the groupies had my unlisted phone number before I did and the dirty underwear was in my dresser drawer when I got home from the hospital with the new baby. What's the difference between writing about what goes on in the locker room and what goes on with the heroes at home? I hope you make a million. I wish I had the guts.
Name withheld
Rockville, Md.

Ann Bradford Mathias
Like Ann Mathias, I had a learning disability, and it went undetected until I was in junior high school. By that time I had been labeled just plain lazy by my family, and my parents were continually asking themselves where they had gone wrong. Especially painful was the fact that my three siblings were straight-A students. My plea is that all parents who have the slightest question in their minds see that their child is tested by a specialist. My dad brought me to ophthalmologists who worked with me on eye exercises for 10 months, and I am happy to say that I have totally overcome this disability.
Name withheld
Floral Park, N.Y.

Ally Sheedy
I fell in love with Ally when I saw War-Games, fell even harder when I caught her in Bad Boys. But learning that she shares a house with her boyfriend and another actor was a little too much for me to swallow. You guys at PEOPLE must really love breaking film fans' hearts.
David Mackey
Oakhurst, N.J.

Alfred Ford and Lisa Reuther
As a former Hare Krishna member, I would like to say that the money donated by Alfred Ford and Lisa Reuther and the resulting museums and restaurants will be used as propaganda to entice others to join the group. The money will not be used to alleviate the severe physical and psychological hardships that the leaders impose on their followers. The goal of the group, which is never mentioned to the media, is to take over the world and enforce their beliefs and laws of behavior on the rest of us.
David Meltzer
Burlington, Vt.

As a resident of an academic community that has included Krishnas, I have changed my estimation of the Krishnas. They are the most spiritually authentic people I've ever met. Their lifestyle was at first unsettling to this well-conditioned American consumer. The sensationalism, prejudice and spiritual naiveté reflected in your article are testimony to the need for projects like their Detroit center that awaken this country's spiritual sensibilities.
Sarah Strunk
State College, Pa.

Anne Edwards
As something of a romantic, especially when it comes to Gone With the Wind, I wonder why Anne Edwards has insisted on revealing the details of Margaret Mitchell's life and of how she molded her characters. So what if the real-life Scarlett collected dirty pictures and Ashley was gay? Furthermore, readers don't care if Miss Mitchell took a nip occasionally. She had the talent and the imagination to create a masterpiece. And it's also apparent that, contrary to Edwards, Miss Mitchell had some decent people in her life: after all, she also knew a Melanie.
Jack Morrison

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