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updated 07/11/1983 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/11/1983 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Grandpa Jones
At the age of 16, Tom Woodward, a paper mill worker in Pontypridd, Wales, became a father. Twenty-seven years later Woodward—better known by his stage name, Tom Jones—is rich, famous and, at 43, a grandfather. Alexander John Woodward—the 3-week-old, nine-pound son of Tom's son, Mark, 26, and his wife, Donna, 29—recently took his first tour of Jones' Bel Air estate. Nobody was more thrilled than Gramps, who's just embarked on a U.S. tour and this fall will head to the United Kingdom, where the Woodward clan hopes to stage a family reunion. "I have a grandson when a lot of people would be having a son," says Jones, "and I'm still young enough to enjoy him."

The agony of de feet
Injuries and sports go hand in glove, so when the National Athletic Health Institute hosted a black-tie benefit at the Pickfair estate in Los Angeles, dozens of jocks, including Joe Namath, Hank Aaron and Willie Shoemaker, came to play. San Diego Clipper Bill Walton, who has been sidelined by foot injuries during much of his eight-year pro basketball career, lamented his unwanted medical expertise to emcee Walter Matthau. "Medicine," he understated, "has been a big part of my professional life."

Calamity Claus
It's been 15 months since Claus von Bülow, 56, was convicted of attempting to murder his hypoglycemic multimillionaire wife, Sunny, 51, by injecting her with insulin. She remains in a coma, and Claus, on bail pending appeal, is living comfortably in Sunny's Fifth Avenue digs with their daughter, Cosima, 16. When the pair were besieged by paparazzi during a night on the town that included Broadway's My One and Only, Claus staged a few theatrics of his own. "You had shots earlier tonight!" he fumed. "After all, she's only 15!" Sixteen, Claus, 16.

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