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originally published 07/11/1983 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Luff Story
In Manhattan to meet with editors about her forthcoming autobiography, Janet Leigh chummed around town with her daughter, aspiring actress Kelly Curtis. Near Kelly's apartment they were spotted by an elderly fan. Crazy about Janet's movies, he stopped the pair, ran to get his wife, and then rattled off all of Janet's acting credits. The fawning gentleman, who had a slight accent, ended the meeting with a heartfelt, "I luff you." Afterward Janet and Kelly were overheard laughing about the incident as they walked around town. Janet turned to her daughter and cooed, "I luff you," and Kelly answered, "I luff you, too!" A man walking ahead of them was not amused. He turned around disgustedly and sneered. Guess there isn't enough luff to go around these days.

Cat Calls Allowed
Bert Parks plans to keep his eye for beauty in practice even though Miss America lost interest in him. In a good-natured spoof of himself, Parks agreed to emcee an 18-year-old tradition, the All-American Glamour Kitty Contest in Bal Harbour, Fla. on July 22. That's kitty, as in kitty-cat. "You've got to break out of the mold once in a while," says Bert, who looks forward to interviewing feline competitors after they slink down the runway. In fact, Bert adds, he won't require much inspiration to get into this act. "I've been dealing with glamour kitties all my life. The difference is that these have tails."

Fire Sale
Lucky Sheika Dena Al-Fassi was awarded her former husband's Beverly Hills mansion as part of her $85 million divorce settlement. Well, maybe not so lucky, if you get a look at the place. In 1980 the 56-room, $2.4 million digs with the lasciviously painted nude statues that made it a tourist site caught fire, leaving it a charred mess surrounded by stagnant swimming pools. So the Sheika decided to do the only sensible thing: sell the house. Ursula Bignucolo of Rodeo Realty, bejeweled and wearing elegant frocks as she shows the boarded-up Sunset Boulevard monstrosity to prospective buyers, says, "Before it burned, the house was one of the most beautiful in Beverly Hills." Now that the city has declared the structure unsafe, she stresses the value of the 3.5-acre plot. As another Rodeo Realty spokesperson has put it, "Frankly, the house is not a fixer-upper. It's a tearer-downer." The price for doing the honors: a cool $10 million.

Make No Mistake
Detroit Mayor Coleman A. Young rolled out the superlatives before introducing Bill Cosby, who was entertaining at the Conference of Mayors in Denver last month. But Young pulled a dirty trick at the last moment with the words "And now without any further ado, let me introduce the star of the evening—Flip Wilson." Cosby, halfway on the stage, turned around and walked off in mock displeasure, then decided the show must go on. "I knew the Mayor was getting old," he began his routine. "I didn't realize he was that old."

Pregnant Pause
There's no doubt about it. Margaret Trudeau is preggers. Still, if Pierre Trudeau's estranged wife saw this news as it appeared in a Toronto newspaper, she might have cried foul until she read the fine print. The item did not apply to Canada's former First Lady, now working as a co-host on an Ottawa TV talk show. Instead, it referred to another TV talker, Today show host (Margaret) Jane Pauley, alias Mrs. Garry Trudeau.

Talk about smart advertising. Sponsors of a contest that named Coney Island's Cyclone as the country's scariest amusement park ride also happen to make that old motion sickness cure Dramamine. Explains a company rep, "We felt this was a good way to illustrate how Dramamine helps you stomach many of life's ups and downs."

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