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updated 07/18/1983 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/18/1983 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Brooke Shields' Mommie Dearest saga continues. It seems that mother Teri contacted Harvard's admissions office after Brooke toured the campus last fall, to express her daughter's enthusiasm for the school. The admissions officers conveyed their delight and encouraged Teri to have Brooke fill out an application. On one condition, Teri replied: Harvard must promise to admit Brooke before she applied, presumably to spare her the embarrassment of rejection. Harvard refused to oblige, so Brooke didn't apply. Meanwhile, back at Princeton, where Brooke matriculates this fall, there are some rustlings among the ivy. One irate grad wrote to the university's alumni newsletter: "Who, one wonders, is the talented and intellectually superior student who has not been admitted to Princeton this year so that Brooke Shields might be?" We'll never know, but maybe that talented and intellectually superior student found an opening at Harvard.

Though the crowds have dwindled at Elizabeth Taylor's Broadway performances of Private Lives with Richard Burton, many fans still idolize the actress, waiting outside the theater just to catch a glimpse of her as she gets into her limo. As they will hear in a five-part interview with David Hartman that airs the week of July 25, Elizabeth intends to return the compliment. "I have one of those cars with black windows and I asked them to change it to one with clear windows," she tells David. "I figure if they're willing to stand in the boiling hot sun or the rain and they're waving and everything, at least I could sort of wave back."

Dressing the part of Mikhail Baryshnikov's ladylove has its drawbacks. American Ballet Theatre dancer Lisa Rinehart complains she can't wear her sneakers in public anymore, now that Baryshnikov (who's ABT's artistic director) has given her a new wardrobe. But at least she'll be able to show off her ballet slippers more often if her rumored promotion to soloist comes to pass. Meanwhile, Jessica Lange, the mother of Baryshnikov's 2-year-old daughter, Alexandra, continues her pas de deux with Frances co-star Sam Shepard.

Leather-bound disco queen Grace Jones and her Swedish squeeze Hans Lundgren were cruising through Manhattan on Grace's new $6,000 motorcycle recently when they noticed they were being tailed by a limo. A woman inside the car called out to Grace, who turned a deaf ear before recognizing the voice. It was her dear friend Diana Ross. The two stopped to have a casual chat in the middle of the busy intersection of Park Avenue and 42nd Street, blocking rush-hour traffic.

Breathless star Richard Gere was left speechless at the front door of Orion Pictures' Manhattan office, where he was to attend a late-night conference for his next pic, The Cotton Club. Dressed in faded blue jeans and a tattered T-shirt, Gere was stopped by a security guard, who asked, "What messenger service are you with? You'll have to sign in." Gere complied.

There's much speculation throughout the realm as to Princess Margaret's reported cure for her once chronic migraines. Word is she may be trying the newest folk treatment sweeping the Isles: chewing the leaves of the feverfew plant (a member of the chrysanthemum family). In a recent study of 300 chewers, 70 percent claimed their migraine attacks were less frequent, less painful or both. The palace press office refuses to comment, presumably because it considers the whole matter a royal headache.

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