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updated 08/15/1983 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 08/15/1983 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Black tie in Dallas
Not since J.R. got shot has Dallas, or for that matter Dallas, seen such goings-on. At a gala hosted by the city's nonprofit Communications Council, more than 800 guests gathered to honor Leonard Katzman, the TV show's producer. Along for the hoopla were most of the cast members, including Dallas come-latelies (left to right) John Beck, Priscilla Presley and Christopher Atkins. Asked about the rumors that his character, camp counselor Peter Richards, will bed Linda Gray's Sue Ellen this fall, Atkins pleaded ignorance. "The only one who knows for sure is Len Katzman," said Chris, "and he's not talking."

Sexy seaman
The Kennedys have often been sailors on history's seas, and John Jr., 22, is true to tradition. Adding an intriguing twist to an already romantic tale, First Mate JFK Jr. has joined the 15-man crew of the Vast Explorer II, a research vessel now searching for the wreck of the pirate ship Whidah off Wellfleet, Mass. Legend says the Whidah was carrying $100 million in loot from more than 50 raids when she sank in 1717. Barry Clifford, president of the company conducting the search, thinks his new recruit is worth his weight in gold. "John," he says, "is a competent seaman and diver."

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