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originally published 08/22/1983 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Healthy? A great place to think? A wind-chime feeling in the atmosphere? I had to laugh at the justifications proffered by celebrities for staying put in the Malibu pits (Aug. 1). They spend their money to live there for the same reason we spend ours to read PEOPLE—the lifelong fear of not being in on it.
Beth A. Rosenblom
Longmeadow, Mass.

Many longtime residents, including myself, were interviewed for your Malibu article. This is a beautiful, loving and warm community. I cannot understand how the author, after many months of research, couldn't see Malibu as it really is. We consider the article very tacky.
Frederick C. May
Malibu Lagoon Museum

You failed to address the poor phone service in Malibu. I've been trying to reach a friend for two days and the lines are not working. Do me a this message: Eileen, call me, it's important—Shelley.
Shelley Herman
North Hollywood, Calif.

Goldie—you're a beautiful woman. Why must you persist in looking like a little girl dressed in momma's baggy dresses?
Karla Qualey
Anoka, Minn.

Larry Flynt
If the purpose of your article on Larry Flynt was to show the world what a vile, disgusting monster he is, you succeeded! It's a shame to disgrace your magazine with such trash.
Donna S. Budnitz

Mr. Flynt in his "gold-plated" wheelchair, his wife trying to withdraw $250,000 from their checking account for drugs, his previous sexual encounters with at least 15 women a week...I have just spent 12 days at the bedside of my retarded and handicapped 22-year-old son. He will never experience a sexual encounter. He can only sit up three hours a day because of severe scoliosis of the spine, and I try to work into my budget a $200 back brace that he needs. But I will pray for Mr. Flynt—I know where my child's soul will find peace when his hell on earth is over. I'm not so sure of Mr. Flynt's!
Jane Caudell
Lawrenceville, Ga.

"Imagine standing up to your thighs in boiling water," says Larry. Just wait, Larry, hell's gonna be much worse! I found your article on Larry Flynt tasteless and disgusting. I'm so disgusted, in fact, that I'm not even going to buy the next issue of PEOPLE to see if my letter was printed!
Martha Kaye Prine
Rolla, Mo.

Kathy Wilson
Kathy Wilson, the GOP feminist, most certainly does not represent me! She doesn't represent any Republican women I know. We want the President to have another term to continue his task of getting America back on the right track. Who does she think she is telling him one term is enough?
Barbara Anderson
Portland, Oreg.

More power to Kathy Wilson. Only Nancy has the President's ear—his good one. And I have a feeling Nancy doesn't much like women.
Charlotte Mayer
San Antonio, Texas

John & Tawny
I find it hard to believe that a former Miss America, Tawny Godin Little Schneider, who makes $200,000 a year from television and just married a TV millionaire, refers to his fans as "gawkers." As a longtime fan of the good ole boy, did I take offense? "You betcha!"
Barbara Little
Jacksonville, Fla.

Yasser Arafat
How kind of you to print such a moving human interest story on our favorite terrorist, Yasser Arafat. Are we supposed to feel sorry that this "moderate" is having his comeuppance at the hands of more mainstream terrorists? It is hard to conceive of a more fitting denouement for the man than to be consumed by his own nefarious creation. If only other terrorist groups would emulate the PLO and put each other out of business.
Eric Glushakow

Picks & Pans
Enough already! As a longtime subscriber to PEOPLE I have yet to see a movie review I've agreed with. The last straw was your critic's review of Staying Alive. If you call the dancing in this flick "pedestrian, almost clunky," I would like to see your diploma from the Fred Astaire Dance Studio. You also seemed to have a problem "staying awake." May I suggest turning up your hearing aid? The capacity crowd I sat amongst didn't stop applauding.
Vera Kochan
Moraga, Calif.

Regarding millionaire Percy Ross, Colleen Todd is right, the Bible does say it is more blessed to give than to receive. Please ask her to read Matthew 6:1-4 to see what it also says about "keeping quiet about it."
Lynn Liles
Arlington, Texas

Sweet Pickles
I have been involved in the juvenile book field for almost a decade and am familiar with the Sweet Pickles books. I was surprised that the editor responsible for the series—Ruth Perle—was not mentioned in your article (July 18). Even a cursory inspection of the credit lines in the books will show that Ms. Perle was involved from the very start; indeed, it was she who had the original idea that was subsequently to become so extraordinarily successful.
Blanche Massey
New York City

Ruth Lerner Perle played a major role in the creation and development of Sweet Pickles; she was president of Euphrosyne Inc. and, until her resignation in July 1982, served as editor and/ or writer of the books and was responsible for virtually all licensing, contract negotiations, merchandising and marketing.

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