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updated 08/22/1983 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 08/22/1983 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Slow: Manilow at work
When Barry Manilow, 37, strode onstage at the Pacific Amphitheatre near L.A. wearing a hard hat, it wasn't to inaugurate a new macho image—he was paying tribute to the workers who'd raced to get the new facility ready for his concert after a water main burst under the stage. The show went on, as did a party afterward for Manilow and 850 friends, including President Reagan's daughter Maureen, 42.

Eat your heart out, Supe
She dallied with the Man of Steel, but Margot Kidder, 34, best known as Lois Lane in the Superman movies, has married French film director Philippe (King of Hearts) de Broca, 50, in Vert, France. Attending Kidder was Maggie, 7, her daughter from her first marriage—to novelist Tom McGuane (Margot also married and divorced actor John Heard). The couple met while de Broca was directing Kidder in an upcoming cable-TV film, Louisiana, about a Civil War widow who falls for a French aristocrat. Margot settled for a cinéaste.

When the Boss drops in
Some 20,000 Jackson Browne fans got a pleasant bonus at the end of his sold-out Madison Square Garden concert last week. Rock monster Bruce Springsteen, who rarely makes such surprise appearances, loped onstage and joined Browne for two encores, Stay and Sweet Little Sixteen. Springsteen is currently working on a new album, and planning his own tour after the LP's release.

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