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originally published 08/29/1983 AT 01:00 AM EDT

The same holds true in the entertainment field as in nature—one "star" out of all the thousands scattering the midnight sky sparkles stronger, brighter and more consistently than any of the rest. My most sincere thanks to you for presenting that "heavenly body," Miss Diana Ross (PEOPLE, Aug. 8), as your cover story.
Tim Peters
Springfield, Ill.

Thank you for your article unveiling the magnitude of a once-in-a-lifetime extravaganza. As a witness to the incredible event, I felt that you admirably covered Diana's supremacy and her electricity, which seemed to both carry New York off its feet and turn Central Park upside down—and inside out! As far as Diana's soul mate Michael Jackson goes—he's a thriller and always will be.
Jennifer Day
North Caldwell, N.J.

After reading your Motown anniversary story (PEOPLE, April 11) and your recent cover article, I realize what a fraud Diana Ross is. It's obvious that the most important things in her life are money, her career and her fame. Her "free" concert was not really for her fans as much as it was designed to help stroke her already overinflated ego. She is totally overrated.
Robert Cline
Altoona, Pa.

Dr. John E. Buster
Dr. Buster may feel that his patients believe ovum transfer to be "one step better than adoption," but as a prospective adoptive parent, I do not. The interview left me with the distinct impression that adoption is viewed as a second-class way of attaining parenthood. I hope Dr. Buster and his patients realize that genetics has nothing to do with parenting.
Marianne Long
Ithaca, N.Y.

Just imagine an adopted child having problems with that fact and suddenly coming upon the article on human embryo transplants and reading that he or she is considered "foreign genetic material." After six years of trying to have a child and four and a half years on a waiting list to adopt, our dream has finally come true. My husband and I will love our child with all our hearts because it's ours, whether biological or adoptive. Dr. Buster seems to be without feeling for human life, even though he claims to be an expert.
Karen Myers
Dowagiac, Mich.

This new transplant procedure has given my husband and me a chance of having a child. Thanks for printing an article of hope for many couples.
Diane M. Rusnack
Hewitt, N.J.

George Lucas
I'm a devoted Star Wars fan and enjoyed your article on the forces behind the Return of the Jedi very much. These people made the Star Wars saga what it is today. Without these magnificent artists, directors and actors there would be no movies to let our imaginations run wild.
Barry Amburgey
Isom, Ky.

The best special effect in Return of the Jedi was Harrison Ford. His acting just keeps getting better with every movie. In my book he beats even the Ewoks!
Becky Novak
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Yvon Chouinard
Yvon Chouinard's derisive comments about wind surfing sound suspiciously like sour grapes from a landlubber. If Chouinard must have death and injury as a part of his recreation, let him try today's real risk sport: operating a vehicle on public highways.
Tuckerman S. Jalet
Westport, Conn.

I never knew that all the time I was working out or cleaning house, my overgrown sweat shirt hanging off my shoulder actually reflected the latest fashion trend. I think that as the newest dress style this is pitiful reflection of the unimaginative contributions from the fashion industry. Maybe this "chic" fad won't be a flash in the pan, but I wouldn't lay my money on it, or my scissors!
Liz Henzey
Alexandria, Va.

While I applaud your article on the influence of the Flashdance look, I deplore your omission of the costume designer's name. He is Michael Kaplan, the designer of the equally fashionable Blade Runner. I designed the costumes for the musical Nine and like to see proper credit given.
William Ivey Long
New York City

I could not help feeling perturbed at the article on the hot new Flashdance look. As a student of dance, I can safely say that no disciplined teacher, and no disciplined dancer, is impressed by someone wearing cut-up rags, not even if it is everybody's favorite prepubescent sexpot, Brooke Shields. I think that if anyone wore any of those "fashions" in a serious dance studio they would be laughed right back to the Camp Beverly Hills boutique.
Mary Carpenter

Rod Carew
Despite his Hall of Fame accomplishments, your fine article shows that in the game of life, Rod Carew is batting 1.000.
Corey A. Zimmerman

M.K. and Rosemary Lewis
Responding to advice given by the Lewises to struggling actors, we in community theater don't sing hamburger jingles and play crowd scenes year after year. We do substantial roles in plays by Chekhov, Shakespeare, Arthur Miller, Edward Albee, Tennessee Williams, Neil Simon, etc. And though they are amateur productions, the caliber of the performances is usually anything but. We are part of that marvelous action that is theater. Come home to Odessa, Texas or Boise, Idaho and participate in your own community theater, truly "the best place to learn" your art.
Jeannie Summers
Odessa, Texas

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