Picks and Pans Review: Your Move

updated 09/05/1983 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 09/05/1983 AT 01:00 AM EDT


The 13th album by the ambitiously named group is like its previous 12: smooth, sweet and possessing all the flaws of omission of mainstream pop music. Gerry Beckley's and Dewey Bunnell's vocals sound bright and careful. (They are all that's left of the original America, though that means only that one member, Dan Peek, has dropped out since the group was formed, in 1970 in England, where the three were the sons of American military personnel stationed near London.) The tunes on this LP, most of them written or collaborated on by producer Russ Ballard, are on the bland side: My Kinda Woman, She's a Runaway, Tonight Is for Dreamers. And The Border has a Flashdance feel but a Romper Room lyric—"If I could make it to the border, I'd be in the arms of the girl I love the most." Nobody mentions what border we're talking about, or why it's hard to make it there. At their best, Beckley and Bunnell can make a song such as Someday Woman bouncy and infectious. The catch is, they don't bear much serious listening; they sometimes sound like Simon and Garfunkel with the fangs removed.

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