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originally published 09/05/1983 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Indelible you
Even studly Australian actor Mel Gibson looked sedate next to some of the local talent in Dino De Laurentiis' The Bounty, which also stars Laurence Olivier and Anthony Hopkins. On location in Tahiti for the re-remake of the classic Mutiny on the Bounty, director Roger Donaldson hired Tavana, an "authentic"—and authentically tattooed—Polynesian chief. Alas, Tahitian tattoos seem to be fading; most of the rest of the cast of 1,000 or so locals had to be painted.

"Are we keeping you awake?" roared Judge Harvey Ford as Sly Stone, lead singer of Sly and the Family Stone, was arraigned on grand theft charges in Florida's Broward County Court. Sly had spent an apparently sleepless night in the clink after being arrested at a Fort Lauderdale nightclub for allegedly stealing a young woman's jeweled ring. Sly, who was released on $10,000 bond, said he thought the ring had been a gift and called the episode a "misunderstanding."

Mom's night out
When Tim Hutton showed up at a David Bowie concert in Los Angeles recently with his 23-year-old sister Heidi Hutton Sheppard (below) and their mother Maryline Adams, it wasn't a case of Mom reluctantly tagging along. Mary-line and Heidi had driven down from Berkeley for Tim's own 23rd birthday, which they started celebrating at his Malibu beach house. Then, "I had seen Bowie's latest movie," Maryline says. "So I told Tim I desperately wanted to go to the concert." Okay, Mom, okay.

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