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David Crosby
Even before reading your article on the tragic state of David Crosby's life (PEOPLE, Aug. 29), I suspected the depths to which he had sunk. But your brutally frank account made it clear that this man, whose music I have admired for years, is in desperate need of professional help. I hope the court reconsiders and opts for drug rehabilitation rather than a prison term, but the commitment to such a program must first come from David himself. And, David, the most honest help your fans can offer is to say do it. We're behind you in your efforts, and we'll still be here for you when you're back in harmony with yourself and the world.
Challis Niles
Glen Mills, Pa.

PEOPLE has forwarded the numerous letters of support and encouragement sent by fans to David Crosby.—ED.

If Crosby wants to smoke cocaine until his brain boils, that's his business. If he wants to do it with a loaded pistol in his lap, that's society's business.
Bob Lacey
Half Moon Bay, Calif.

For almost 20 years, David Crosby has been writing and performing some of the finest music ever made. He was also one of the first pop stars to openly oppose the Vietnam War. His voice was heard protesting the slaughter of the whale. He sang at the no nukes concerts. Time and again, he listened to cries for help and answered with songs. He has helped and comforted many with his music. Now we can lock him up and throw away the key, or maybe we can help him.
Thomas Hagan
Tarrytown, N.Y.

I, too, was addicted to freebasing cocaine. I know what it's like to pick through the carpet and smoke anything that resembles coke. I lost everything, a Mercedes, my jewelry and, worse than material things, all sense of morals. Finally, I quit. I learned that coke is God's way of saying you got too much money too easy. I didn't wallow in self-pity. What's Crosby crying for? He has his life. He has the power of choice. His talent could turn these 10 years of negativity into a future of hope and love. If I could do it, he can.
Name withheld

Shirley Wolf and Cindy Collier
I just read your crime story about the girls who killed an old lady for fun. They are not the only girls who had a hard childhood. I was sexually assaulted for three years. I'm now 15, and I'm not about to go out and kill someone. If Shirley Wolf gets off on her plea of insanity, that will demonstrate how poorly our justice system functions.
Name withheld
Niceville, Fla.

It goes without saying that what Shirley Wolf and Cindy Collier did is horrible, but I was also sexually abused as a child and understand the pain, anger, guilt and confusion these two have suffered. My stepfather was placed on probation for what he did to me. Wolf's father served just 100 days in jail. How does the law let men get away with this? I am raising a daughter alone. When most women consider the qualities they'd like in a husband, they probably don't consider the one I think of first: Will this man touch my daughter?
Name withheld

This summer my grandparents, aged 82 and 79, allowed a man into their home to use the telephone. In return for their kindness, they received brutal beatings which resulted in the death of my granddaddy. The rage my family and I have felt since then is a kind of constant burning in your stomach that could set the world on fire. They never hurt anyone. They were just good, kind people. The suspected killer was caught the following week as he tried to hold up a service station. The man is in custody now, but he already had an extensive criminal record. The judicial system in America must start putting an end to such murders.
Lisa Copeland
Austell, Ga.

Fall Preview
Why hasn't anyone mentioned the pitifully bad taste NBC is displaying by airing the final episode of Kennedy on Nov. 22, the 20th anniversary of the assassination? It still hurts too much to watch those events receive the standard miniseries treatment.
Patti Hartley
Normal, Ill.

Richard Thomas
This time last year Richard Thomas was in Nashville to play Hank Williams Jr. in the TV movie Living Proof, and I had the role of the woman who seduced Hank Jr. for the first time. Raised on The Waltons, I was resigned to the inevitable disillusionment of meeting this Hollywood actor who had played the beloved John-Boy. Instead, I found Thomas embodies John-Boy's warmth, intelligence, good humor and utter devotion to family. On his day off he flew home to be with the triplets on their first birthday.
Naomi Judd

Aryan Nation
Why the people of this great nation allow groups like the Aryan Nation to exist is beyond me. When will we make a stand against these fanatics? Did we learn nothing from Hitler? Until we do, we stand in shame.
Bette L. Lerol
White Bear Lake, Minn.

I cannot imagine what kind of human being gets satisfaction from screaming obscenities at small children because of their ethnic heritage or, in the case of Frank Spisak Jr., from arbitrarily murdering people because of their ethnic or religious background. I urge every state to enact legislation, as Idaho has done, to make harassment for religious or racial reasons a crime and to enforce that law to the limit. Freedom of speech is one thing; blatant displays of hatred and open threats to kill people are an entirely different and dangerous matter.
Debbie Nelson-Duncan
Colorado Springs

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