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updated 09/26/1983 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 09/26/1983 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Men are, er, at Work around the clock these days at 7366 Melrose Avenue in L.A., where on October 4 Olivia Newton-John will open a boutique featuring clothes by Australian designers. Livvy made a trip Down Under last spring to select merchandise for the 2,000-square-foot shop, which she has dubbed Koala Blue for her favorite native critter. Unlike many L.A. retailers, who regularly offer customers liquor, health-conscious Olivia will serve milk shakes, Australian hot-meat pies and the Down Under beverage Vegemite, even at the opening-night party. That should please reported invitees Helen Reddy and the Bee Gees and make even John Travolta Love Sydney, too.

Jerry Rubin, who's been embroiled in a legal battle with Simon & Schuster over a mere $5,500 (for a book he contracted to write but never got around to), may not have to think about money much longer. The former Yippie leader is recruiting distributors for a line of health diet and "wellness" products called Genesis (among them: packaged convenience foods that are low in cholesterol and fat but, says Jerry, "really taste good"). The products are being marketed through a network of independent distributors; as Jerry explains it, "Everyone gets a percentage from everyone they bring into the company." Touting Genesis as "the best business opportunity in America today," Rubin says he has already brought in 1,000 distributors. Won't that make him a millionaire? "I would think so," answers the man who only 13 years ago pronounced, "All money represents theft."

Fernando Sanchez, the Spanish-born designer of ladies' unmentionables, has just finished his first line of men's lingerie, for spring 1984. Modeling the clothes in ads that will begin appearing in November is Ken Norton, 38. The former heavyweight champ has already been photographed by Francesco Scavullo in most of the 40-piece collection, which includes the likes of a $250 satin robe with matching satin pants (another $150) but, alas, no boxer shorts. That's fine with Norton. "For years, if someone came to the door, I had to jump up and get dressed," he says. "Now in Fernando's clothes, I'm already decent."

Brideshead Revisited star Anthony Andrews has become embroiled in a controversy about a TV movie he expects to make next year. Andrews, currently filming John Huston's Under the Volcano in Mexico, plans to star in a docudrama about the tragic wartime romance of Kathleen ("Kick") Kennedy, JFK's older sister, and Englishman William Cavendish, Marquess of Hartington. The couple met in 1938, while Joseph Kennedy was Ambassador to Britain, and married in 1944 despite the opposition of their families (William was the scion of one of Britain's leading Protestant clans; the Kennedys are, of course, Catholic). Only four months after the wedding, Cavendish was killed in combat. (Kathleen reportedly had a later romance with another noble, the Earl Fitzwilliam, with whom she died in a plane crash in 1948.) Andrews, who will play William, was attacked by the Marquess' younger brother, the current Duke of Devonshire. "It is a tragic story, and that is why it would cause untold sadness to my family and the Kennedys to drag it across television," said the Duke. So far, no one in the Kennedy clan, which already is the subject of half a dozen TV movies, has been heard from.

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