Picks and Pans Review: Christie Brinkley's Outdoor Beauty and Fitness Book

updated 10/10/1983 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 10/10/1983 AT 01:00 AM EDT

by Christie Brinkley

Did Jane Fonda know what she was doing? The celebrity beauty/fitness book epidemic is well under way and none of the volumes in question is more simpleminded than this one by one of America's hottest models. It contains 260 pictures of the skimpily clad Brinkley in assorted exotic locations. Christie at Malibu. Christie in Saint-Tropez. Why, there's Christie in Curacao. And isn't that Christie in a wet bathing suit frolicking in Carreyes, Mexico? You didn't think it was Phyllis Diller, did you? Brinkley did have to do something to pad 201 pages of mostly embarrassingly obvious beauty advice ("Off to the beach? Don't forget to shave!") and an exercise plan that could be gotten from one of those little five-and-ten books or the pages of any women's fashion or beauty magazine. The writing is suffocatingly cute. Brinkley's only means of punctuating a sentence appears to be with an exclamation point! ("Chew slowly!" "Eliminate salt!" "Fill your fridge with fruits and vegetables!") To be sure, sun and sea worshipers like the Malibu-bred author will find advice on sun protection, exercise while-u-swim illustrations and hints on how to combat sunburn. (Place slices of raw potato on the painful spots.) As a useful guide to anything but perhaps choosing your next vacation spot, Brinkley's slick-looking scrap-book is a washout. (Simon and Schuster, $16.95)

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