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AfterMASH (PEOPLE, Oct. 24) reminds me of the talented son trying to follow the tough act of a famous father. We, the viewers, are the critics whose opinion should finally decide the fate of the show. Keep up the good work, Harry, Jamie, Larry and the entire AM gang.
Bill O'Brien Jr.
Stratford, Conn.

I think AfterMASH is wonderful. My only complaint is that the show isn't an hour long.
Carol A. Grillett
San Diego

The highest compliment I can pay AfterMASH is to say that I would watch and enjoy this series even if there had never been a M*A*S*H. And to those television critics who carp that the series is not amusing...well, dig around among the other new shows this season and tell me which ones you think are better.
Scott Gibson
Evergreen, Colo.

Brigitte Bardot
Publishing that ugly picture and labeling it Brigitte Bardot was cruel and unjust punishment for someone who is not deserving of that kind of treatment. I may not approve of the life-style of Bardot, but she is a good and kind human being, as evidenced by her love and concern for all living things. I wish I could say the same for the photographer who took that picture. You ought to be ashamed of kicking someone when they are down.
Edith J. Provost
Belleair Bluffs, Fla.

Why do Bardot's friends view her as crazed and unhappy because of her concern for the animal kingdom? I hope this lovely lady realizes, before it is too late, that age is meaningless and her beautiful spirit will shine long after her physical attributes diminish.
Peggy M. Johnson

Tennessee's Nissan Plant
The employees of Nissan do not need the UAW to talk for us. As an employee of Nissan Motors, I have nothing to gain from the UAW and everything to lose. We are treated first-class and do not have to take a backseat to anyone. This is not brainwashing, as Mr. Whittermore claims; this is the future. UAW members and the management of American auto plants would be surprised how much they could learn.
Ronnie Brown
Tullahoma, Tenn.

I have a $16,000 American-made car with 3,800 miles on it. It is backfiring. The plastic hood ornament washed off the other day. The seats are starting to come apart. I get nine miles to the gallon in the city. I made a mistake when I traded in my 10-year-old Honda.
James M. Davis

I gasped with horror after reading the sentences given to Ronald Ebens and Michael Nitz for killing Vincent Chin. What an outrage that a human being was murdered and the guilty persons only fined. The American public better start speaking up. Should it tolerate these kinds of actions? I am ready to return to "an eye for an eye." If I could, I would also vote that judge out of office.
Mrs. P.J. Bowman
Linglestown, Pa.

Will Circuit Court Judge Charles Kaufman please explain to me just what kind of people you do send to jail? Can anyone just go out and kill someone simply because they may or may not be affiliated with Japanese carmakers? Can , kill an out-of-work autoworker and get off scot free? Where is the justice? I'm ashamed to be an American But I'm more enraged than ashamed.
Julie Harris
Los Angeles

So Judge Charles Kaufman says the killers "weren't the kind of people you send to jail." Is Kaufman the kind of judge any city would want on any bench except in a park?
Charles Franklin
Los Angeles

In the past a certain national auto insurance company offered low rates for owners of Swedish-built Volvos because of their excellent maintenance and safety records and low theft rate. When a friend recently purchased one, he was surprised to find his insurance rates substantially higher than they were in the past. The reason—a high incidence of vandalism to foreign cars in the Detroit area.
Troy, Mich.

I am tired of people, white and black, complaining that Miss America, Vanessa Williams, doesn't look black enough. Well, let's face facts, she is black. Furthermore, one of the wonderful things about being a black person in this country and the world is that the color spectrum is endless. Let's cut out all the nonsense about shades and hues. I do not think she should be criticized for something that she has no control over. As a former Miss New Hampshire and the first black woman to win that title, I am proud of Vanessa's victory almost as though it were my own. Hold your head high, Vanessa. There are lots of us out here rooting for you, not criticizing.
Natalie Oliver-Vick
Miss New Hampshire 1981
Manchester, N.H.

Alex Deford
Frank Deford's Of a Daughter, Dying Young was a beautiful and poignant tribute to Alex, who gave and received love in the purest form. Her brave and compelling struggle for life touched my heart. What a monumental loss.
Judith Stokes
Beaumont, Texas

I have no doubt that Alex Deford has made "the face of heaven so fine." The story of her life and death may help other parents cope with the illness and untimely death of their children. After reading this story, I plan to call my local cystic fibrosis chapter to see if I can serve them in a voluntary capacity. Frank Deford's courage to retell her story is admirable.
Sharon Lea Sperling
New Britain, Conn.

The article on Alex Deford was a devastating story of courage. Thank you, Frank Deford, for sharing a very special part of your life with us!
Laurel L. Trimmer
Porterville, Calif.

After reading Frank Deford's moving story, I don't think I will ever look at stars in quite the same way.
Barbara Baumgarten
Boulder, Colo.

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