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originally published 12/12/1983 AT 01:00 AM EST

Terre Blair, 27 and a successful TV broadcaster, recalls that she "was always the kid who made straight A's, sat up in front in class and had her hand in the air—the kid everyone hated." This all changed last year when she quit her job at New York's PM Magazine. She says the resulting months of idleness mellowed her. Viewers can decide for themselves; hired recently by ABC to cover, among other events, the Los Angeles Olympics, the brown-eyed blonde will be a virtual fixture on television next summer. She began her career at 16, announcing high school football scores on the radio in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio. While attending nearby Otterbein College, she became a local TV weather girl and hostess of a magazine show, then moved to New York.

The daughter of a college professor and a housewife, she says her drive has almost derailed her personal life. Her engagement to producer Sy (Tarzan) Weintraub broke up partly because her new job has kept her traveling. One jaunt, to Hawaii to cover the Iron Man Triathlon, proved inspiring. To keep her 5'8", 110-pound form lithe, Blair has begun training two hours a day to enter a minitriathlon: a one-mile swim, a 26-mile bike ride and a 10-mile run. Although Blair lives in Manhattan and believes, she says, in "no pain, no gain," she does confess, "I want to do the minitriathlon in California or Hawaii so I don't freeze to death during the swim."

Reggie Miller, 18, likes to tell of his high school days when he would sidle up to a couple of guys shooting hoops and ask innocently, "Wanna play me and my sister for 10 bucks?" Then, Reggie recalls with a grin, "Cheryl would come out of the bushes. Boom, boom, she'd shoot and we'd win. The guys would be awed."

Cheryl Miller, 19, is the 6'3" forward who last year led USC's women's team to the national basketball title—and will likely play on next year's Olympic team. With three inches on his sister, baby brother Reggie is a UCLA freshman battling to become a starting forward. He says he sees Cheryl, a communications major, as more of a twin than a sister, while Cheryl simply coos, "He almost makes me cry just because he's so sweet." The third and fourth of five children born to a well-off (and 6'5½") computer analyst and a 5'8" registered nurse in Riverside, Calif., Cheryl and Reggie each had phenomenal records in high school and were swamped by college offers. A drama major, Reggie confesses he was won over to UCLA by a phone call from former All-America Bruin-turned-actor Michael (Hill Street Blues) Warren. Reggie hopes to play in the NBA someday, then take his act to Broadway. But he realizes he first must prove that he can play the boards.

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