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updated 12/26/1983 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 12/26/1983 AT 01:00 AM EST

The 25 Most Intriguing People of 1983

20 Ronald Reagan talks about how he (and Nancy) copes with the Presidency and its crises

24 Debra Winger forgets she's a star and shows she's an actress in the stirring Terms of Endearment

26 Fidel Castro, undaunted by Grenada, is Latin America's grand master of Marxism

28 Cabbage Patch Kids are cute, commercial and creatures from an alien galaxy

30 Jesse Jackson's Presidential bid adds charisma—and controversy—to the Democratic race

36 William Gates is the 28-year-old computer guru who's into bits, bytes—and big bucks

38 Sam Shepard, as playwright and actor, proves he has "the right stuff," not to mention Jessica Lange

41 Chun Byung In's reputation as a meticulous pilot compounds the mystery of KAL's Flight 007

42 Mr. T, the black Superman of The A-Team, loudly worships both God and gold

44 Ben Lexcen invades the U.S. on a kooky keel and sails home to Australia with the America's Cup

49 Joan Rivers may tear celebrities apart, but she's been kind to the ratings on Tonight

50 Robert Mastruzzi, high school principal, proves that secondary education needn't be second-rate

52 Eddie Murphy is not trading places with anybody: He's 22 and the hottest comedian around

57 Matthew Broderick, who spooked the Pentagon in WarGames, is the new teen dream

58 Barbara McClintock, single-minded and 81, wins the Nobel for trailblazing work in genetics

60 Harvey Fierstein gives gays a compelling new theatrical voice—and Broadway two hit plays

62 Philip Johnson is at once the grand old man of architecture and its joyful finder of new forms

64 Vanessa Williams finds the hard part of being a black Miss America is adjusting to the crown

70 Richard Chamberlain's libidinous priest in The Thorn Birds makes him TV's king of the miniseries

73 Michael Jackson's 20-million-seller Thriller has rock fans dancing and his accountants smiling

74 Rei Kawakubo's Japanese styles are giving American women a ragtag look

76 Konrad Kujau nearly bamboozled the world with his bogus Hitler diaries; now he's behind bars

85 Alice Walker's novel The Color Purple earns her a place in American letters—and a Pulitzer

88 Alfred Hitchcock, dead since 1980, enjoys the biggest year of his career as master of suspense

90 Jennifer Beats' torn sweatshirt and slyly angelic face create—rip!—the Flashdance look

Picks & Pans 7
Jaclyn Smith, Rodney Dangerfield, Ed Bradley and other renowned reviewers pick their favorite books, records, movies and TV shows of the year; then the editors weigh in with their pros and cons

Public Spectacles 92
The fault for some of this year's most memorable foul-ups lay not in ourselves but in stars like Liz, Pia, Willard and Herve

Phenomenon of '83 96
Tom Peters and Bob Waterman made In Search of Excellence the book every aspiring executive wants to be caught reading

Sequel 98
Revisiting the players whose strutting and fretting on the stage of public events made '83 the year that it was. Among them: Kristy McNichol, Roxanne Pulitzer and Griffin O'Neal

Marines '83 110
At the end of their bloodiest year since Vietnam, the U.S. Marines and their families reflect on their moments of triumph and tragedy

Forecast: Personalities to Watch 124

Screen: Robert Redford takes a swing as baseball hero in The Natural, and Sylvester Stallone and Dolly Parton team up for a hoedown in Rhinestone.

Pages: Bob Woodward investigates the life and death of John Belushi.

Song: Foreigner heads back to the studio, and Prince makes a musical movie.

Tube: Amy Irving and Ben Cross scale the romantic heights of The Far Pavilions, and Gold Medalist Donna de Varona gets back in the Olympic swim, this time as commentator.

Style: Calvin Klein and Jockey add to their bottom line by giving women's underwear a locker-room look

Trends 142
The computer kids, now high-tech teens, begin to create a world in their own electronic image

Gallery 149
With the Los Angeles Olympics looming ever larger, six American athletes took a break from training to display their winning forms

Puzzle 156
A special teaser tackles a decade with a gallimaufry of Most Intriguing People

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