updated 12/26/1983 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 12/26/1983 AT 01:00 AM EST

In anticipation of the fact that this is PEOPLE'S 10th year-end issue, this year's double puzzle features names of those who have made our Intriguing 25 list in previous years. The names of 50 of them are hidden in this block of letters; they read forward, backward, up, down or diagonally, either way. They are always in a straight line and never skip letters. As a head start, the response to the first clue is Muhammad ALI Dedicated people-watchers should be able to pick out at least 35 names; 40 or better qualifies as expert. Answers will appear in the Jan. 9 issue.


1. His feats weren't of Clay
2. Between Pat and Rosalynn
3. Cosmic commentator
4. He danced out of Russia...
5. ...he remains under protest
6. Disco diva
7. Wigging out in Nashville
8. He's Mia's man...
9. ...but was he Linda's?
10. Stabile sculptor
11. Ted's ex
12. He sought The Right Stuff...
13. ...that he wrote about
14. Mrs. Tarzan
15. Had better idea for Chrysler
16. Scored big with Today
17. Kidnap victim or rebel?
18. Solid citizen among Poles
19. Bubbly opera director
20. Creepy chiller novelist
21. Korean converter
22. Her heroine feared flying...
23. ...his fans saved on it
24. Sweathog who got Feverish
25. Hollywood's Prince of Palimony
26. Mac's wild-hearted one
27. Private Benjamin I
28. Fiddling around Senate
29. Romance novels' nabobess
30. Konrad's successor in Bonn
31. Swimsuit sweetie
32. Reserving judgment in D.C.
33. Peking power broker
34. Right-wing political promoter
35. Nonradical sheikh of Araby
36. Blabby budgeteer
37. Mrs. Burton, Mrs. Burton
38. Captain of the Pirate family
39. Atlanta's man for all seasons...
40. ...and its Mr. Mayor
41. Glum in Qum
42. Anchorman with a sweater
43. Persistent Palestinian
44. Warner's mogul
45. Charles' Princess Charming
46. Red Sox hero gone to Angels
47. His Last Chance was a loser
48. Long-running Briton
49. The Lord of Lorimar
50. Lippy Congressional secretary

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