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originally published 01/16/1984 AT 01:00 AM EST

Olivia and Travolta
Whether Two of a Kind sizzles or fizzles, John Travolta (PEOPLE, Dec. 19) and Olivia Newton-John definitely have chemistry.
Kris Patullo
Greenville, R.I.

For every psycho freak who pursues Ms. Newton-John, she has thousands of fans who lack the courage even to talk to her. The irony is that, because of the very gifts that brought her fame, she can't—without fear—go shopping, hang out at the beach or do any of the things that the rest of us take for granted.
Florrie Hopkins
Savannah, Ga.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
As an owner of a David's Cookies retail outlet, I strongly object to your using two-day-old cookies "to ensure fairness" in your judging. I am not permitted to sell any cookie that is even one day old. Comparing a stale David's cookie, made without preservatives and with only the freshest ingredients, to cookies never intended to be eaten immediately after baking hardly guarantees "fairness!" You might as well compare melted butter with milk to determine thirst-quenching ability.
Ted Cohen
New York City

Famous Amos tastes like dust when compared with a Mrs. Fields' cookie. She is without peer.
Anne Sutherland
Palm Springs, Calif.

I have tasted thousands of chocolate chip cookies, but two years ago I ran into the most delicious one ever made: Mrs. Carlson's of Torrance, Calif. Now my wife and children wouldn't let me in the door if I dared to come home without a supply of Carlson's.
Tony Zuniga

There's no question: The best-tasting chocolate chip cookie in the world is the Original Great American Chocolate Chip Cookie from Atlanta.
George Hetschinof
Valley Cottage, N.Y.

The best chocolate chip cookie is still the one you steal from the cooling rack in your own kitchen.
Bobbie Davis
West Orange, N.J.

Take One
Why can't you get off Nancy Reagan's back? The U.S. buys furnishings for the White House—you criticize. Foundations buy—you criticize. Manufacturers donate—you criticize. What will please you people? I suppose you'd be happy if Mrs. Reagan cooked her own meals and then banged a spoon on the bottom of a pot, yelling, "Come and get it." (Sounds more like the Carters.) I, for one, appreciate a company generous enough to make a gift of china to the White House. I also appreciate Mrs. Reagan's efforts to make it a home we can all be proud of.
Randolph Q. Terrell
Shreveport, La.

Melrose Avenue
In your article on the chic boutiques of Los Angeles' Melrose Avenue, Virginia Jacks remarked that the "fat tourist from Iowa" would never come into her store to buy '50s furniture. Believe it or not, Virginia, Iowa has its fair share of orange-haired, spike-heeled, mini-skirted punkers.
Toni Casperson
Coralville, Iowa

Picks & Pans
As an avid Al Pacino fan, I eagerly awaited Scarface, and I was not disappointed. He is brilliant as Tony Montana. All the negative criticism has done the film a grave injustice. This is a well-made movie about life on the street; abusive language and violence are essential elements of that life.
Patricia Brown
Layton, Utah

Rita Lavelle
Rita Lavelle, former head of the Environmental Protection Agency's hazardous-waste division, may have been "hung out to dry" by more sophisticated associates, but that doesn't alter the facts: The citizens of this country entrusted her with a vitally important job, and she abused our trust. Furthermore, as a working-class person, it's difficult for me to feel sorry about her loss of a $67,000-a-year job and a $900-a-month apartment; after all, she might still be enjoying those luxuries if she had genuinely cared about the people she was supposed to serve.
James C. Wallace Jr.
Highland Park, Ill.

Ronnie Lane
Your story on Ronnie Lane hit home. Not only did I grow up listening to Led Zeppelin, the Stones and The Who, but I also have MS. Although my symptoms are not as advanced as Mr. Lane's, I know the pain and the frustration. It was wonderful to see the wild rockers of yesterday join together to help the victims of MS. Without realizing it, they touched us all.
Resa M. Bacsik
Murray, Ky.

Thank you for the article on the ARMS concerts, which are raising money for hyperbaric treatments for victims of multiple sclerosis, and for the update on Ronnie Lane's condition. I've watched while this ugly and unpredictable disease has destroyed my stepsister, reducing her in less than nine months from a happy 25-year-old woman to a whimpering infant. If there is a chance that a treatment can alleviate the crippling effects of this disease, then that chance must be considered. I hope you'll print an address for ARMS. I'd like to give something back to Ronnie Lane for the 19 years of happiness his music has brought me.
Diane E. Glaze
Van Nuys, Calif.

ARMS is a group that explores and distributes information about alternative therapies for multiple sclerosis. Inquiries should be addressed to: ARMS (Multiple Sclerosis Research) Ltd., 71 Gray's Inn Road, London WC1X 8TR England.—ED.

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