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Dennis Wilson
The Beach Boys (PEOPLE, Jan. 16) were artists, not angels. Anyone who is aware of their history knows the problems they've faced trying to lead both public and private lives. How well would most of us stand up to the scrutiny of a too often hostile press? Why must we always expect more in our heroes than we do in ourselves? We should remember Dennis Wilson for his fine music. It's unfortunate that your article didn't do the same.
Richard Neumann
Las Vegas

You wasted six pages on a middle-aged child. Rootless, a chronic drunk, a cocaine user, a philanderer. Seems to me you should have used all that space on someone worthy.
Bev Straughon

As a dedicated Beach Boys fan, I want to thank you for your article dealing with the life and death of Dennis Wilson. Although I realize that some fans may be shocked by this realistic treatment of Dennis' life, there are others of us who will learn from it and realize that life is not always riding out the perfect wave.
Holly A. Losen
Mankato, Minn.

Charlton Heston
Charlton Heston did more than just shake hands and sign autographs for the Marines in Beirut. When he returned home, he phoned me to relay a message from my son, Lance Cpl. Henry Bambrick, which relieved me considerably. I was so surprised that I'm not sure I thanked the man. I'd like to take this chance to thank him publicly. Charlton Heston is not just an excellent actor; he also excels as a human being. I wonder how many other phone calls he made.
Rosemary Bambrick
Somerville, Mass.

Mr. Heston has made almost 400 calls to the families of Marines.—ED.

Princess Caroline
Why was it necessary to speculate about whether Princess Caroline was wearing a bra under her wedding dress? You didn't feel it was necessary to inform us as to whether her groom was wearing boxer shorts under his trousers. I don't expect to see such blatant sexism in a supposedly modern magazine.
Judith D. McCormick
Centerville, Ohio

Phelps Dodge strike
A company like Phelps Dodge loses $78 million in a year and a half, then asks its workers—not to take a pay cut—just to freeze wages for three years. Union response? Strike! One more reason, I'm afraid, that the union voice is dwindling in America.
Edward Peters
Claremont, Calif.

I would like to send Dr. Jorge O'Leary some money to help his People's Clinic and the union members he is treating. I'm a former union member and representative who would like to help.
Debra S. Moran
Orlando, Fla.

Dr. O'Leary's address is People's Clinic, P.O. Box 1047, Clifton, Ariz. 85533—ED.

Rod Stewart
If Rod Stewart would spend less time womanizing and put his energy back into creating some decent music, he'd be doing everyone a favor.
Mickaylee Rhodes
Costa Mesa, Calif.

Skirts for Men
I have always loved men in kilts, and it never fazed me to see an Asian man in a long wrap-around. But to equate these centuries-old customs with this excuse for men's clothing is ridiculous.
Pamela Haft
Suisun City, Calif.

Whoever wrote the article about skirts for men seems to subscribe to the myth that gay men are longing for a chance to parade around in drag. In fact, the majority of men who cross-dress are heterosexual. And, the majority of gay men are proud of their maleness and have no desire to flounce around in skirts and high heels.
James Turner
Niagara Falls, N.Y.

Something About Amelia
I would like to thank the people who made Something About Amelia for taking a heavy burden off my shoulders. I, too, was a victim of incest when I was nine. My stepfather tried to "show me how much he loved me" while my mother was in the hospital having his child. He also made sure that I didn't talk by telling me that my mother would throw me out of the house and everyone would think I was a whore. I was plagued by guilt from that moment on. Somehow this movie helped me to see that I couldn't have stopped my stepfather had I tried.
Name withheld
Halifax, N.S.

My father started doing things to me when I was ten. When I was twelve, I couldn't handle it anymore and ran away. My mother didn't want to believe me. The night I ran away, two men raped me at knife point. Too scared to tell my parents, I ended up pregnant. I ran away from home again because I was afraid of what my father would do when he found out. I was picked up by the police, and when I told them the truth I was put in a holding cell. Nothing was ever done to my father, and no one ever looked for the two men. There were years when my father and I didn't talk, but we reconciled before he died. My mom now admits she knew what was going on but was very scared of my dad too. I have my life in order now. I have a beautiful little girl, and if she ever told me that someone had tried something I would believe her. I pray it will never happen.
Name withheld
Huntington Beach, Calif.

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