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updated 02/20/1984 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/20/1984 AT 01:00 AM EST

Single-minded shopper
Maybe it was dusty in Israel, where she was shooting The Little Drummer Girl. Or maybe there are too many cats in her West Side Manhattan apartment. Whatever the reason, Diane Keaton, 38, seems to have a thing for lint remover. She bought an armload of the stuff in a neighborhood five-and-dime, after admiring the window display of the new book she co-authored, a collection of Hollywood photos called Still Life, in a store around the corner.

Constitutional rights
At 78, Greta Garbo is still feisty enough to go after photographers who try to invade her fiercely protected privacy. Braving wind and icy temperatures in Manhattan, Garbo was caught during a customary constitutional around her Upper East Side neighborhood. When she first spotted the offending shutterbug, Garbo merely threatened him with her umbrella; eventually she gave him a gentle whack on the arm before trying to duck behind an unsuspecting pedestrian. Take the lady at her word: She wants to be alone.

Thicke as thieves
A few hours before the NHL All-Star Game got under way at New Jersey's Byrne Meadowlands Arena, talk show host Alan Thicke (left) hit the ice with superstar Wayne Gretzky, 23. Thicke, 36, played amateur hockey and is minus two teeth to prove it. The two Canadians discussed Gretzky's record-breaking 51-game point-scoring streak. Until recently, Alan has been on thin ice in the late-night ratings battle, but he notched up a point of his own when his syndicated Thicke of the Night was renewed for 26 weeks.

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