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updated 05/14/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/14/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Brooke-ing a pie in the face
It was hard to believe that a showbiz veteran since the age of 11 months could be "petrified" at the idea of performing with a group of college kids. Yet, like any other Princeton freshman, Brooke Shields had to audition for a role in the Triangle Club's 95th annual musical comedy, and (surprise!) she got the part. This year's spoof, Revel Without a Pause, included a send-up of Michael Jackson's monster video, Thriller—a number called Spiller in which Jackson's favorite date not only got a chance to land a pie in the face of student John Feldman but to be on the receiving end of one as well. Two performances were added to accommodate an overflow crowd wanting to see the world's most famous coed make like Soupy Sales.

Strangers in the night
Turning out for a dinner in L.A. honoring super-manager Jerry Weintraub were the likes of Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, Henry Winkler and Johnny and Joanna Carson. Johnny and Joanna Carson? Do you mean...? No, no. With their lawyers still hammering out a multimillion-dollar divorce settlement, the battling Carsons haven't reconciled. But they did attend the Weintraub bash—Johnny, 58, with his steady, Alex Maas, a 30ish secretary, and Joanna, 43, with five-times-married TV and movie producer Bob Parkinson. Both couples staked out opposite ends of the room. Small world.

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