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updated 05/21/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/21/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Lovelorn hunk Rex Smith, who talked about his pursuit of Ms. Perfect in these pages recently, very nearly stripped away the sleeve he wears his heart on. In the upcoming film Perfect, co-starring John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis, Smith was to play a doctor who by night peels down to his G-string as a Chippendales stripper. Now the Chippendales performance has been replaced in the script by an undisclosed secret life, which he strives to keep hidden from a probing reporter. Rex's on-screen romance in the film, to be directed by Jim Bridges, will be Travolta's pal Marilu Henner. Meanwhile, Travolta has nixed reports that he and Marilu will replace Tommy Tune and Twiggy in the hit Broadway musical My One and Only. But they will appear together in John's workout book, Creative Exercising, to be published in August by Simon & Schuster, in a chapter on exercising togetherness. Their workouts reportedly are something to see.

Though Bianca Jagger has been onstage most of her adult life, she's preparing to go legit for the first time in Daniela Frank. The play is about a journalist, working for a major American newspaper, who publishes a bogus prizewinning story. Though Janet Cooke, the former Washington Post reporter who wrote a fictionalized account of a child heroin addict, isn't mentioned in the script by Latin American playwright Alonso Alegria, the drama apparently was inspired by the scandal that caused Cooke to forfeit her 1981 Pulitzer. Bianca, who's currently reading the play for select audiences in New York as a way of rehearsing, may appear in the production this summer.

Irving Mansfield, who's collecting $250,000 from ABC for a miniseries based on his book about late wife Jacqueline Susann, Life with Jackie, is taking a vested interest in who's cast as the author of the hard-breathing Valley of the Dolls. His choice: Jaclyn Smith. The script will be by TV writer Leah Appet, and the film promises to be as spicy as one of Susann's novels. Says " Mansfield coyly, "I'm telling Appet a lot I haven't said in my book."

Word is that Diane Keaton is a leading contender to play the late Diane Arbus in an MGM film based on Patricia Bosworth's unauthorized biography of the controversial photographer of the grotesque, which will be published in June...

Sissy Spacek and husband-producer Jack Fisk are considering doing the film version of the 1983 Pulitzer Prize-winning play 'night, Mother...

Now that Joan Rivers has bowed out of Paramount's Poor Little Rich Girls, a comedy about the travails of two widowed Beverly Hills housewives, there's talk that Cher may step into the picture, co-starring with Bette Midler.

Getting into shape for a role can be debilitating. Just ask Teri Garr, who's now filming Firstborn, in which she plays a sensuous divorced mother. To look her sexy best for the movie, Garr began working out with weights. Whether that was the cause she's not sure, but she soon came up with a neck injury and spent several days in traction at a New York hospital. Now on location in New York, Teri can be found between scenes dangling from the ceiling of her trailer in a traction rig—a minor hang-up for a comic actress in her first big dramatic screen role.

Those trendy love affairs between older women and younger men may be passé—at least on cable TV. Mary Tyler Moore, 47, who last November married Dr. Robert Levine, 31, will play a career woman in her late 30s who falls for a much older man in an HBO movie called Finnegan Begin Again, which starts filming in June. Burt Lancaster, 70, was originally thought of for the part but was busy, so Jason Ro-bards, 61, is being considered instead.

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