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updated 05/21/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/21/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Crazy mountain high
Jack Nicholson plugged the Rockies when he accepted his Academy Award, and it took Russell Chatham's paintings of the Crazy Mountains (a volcanic range in Montana) to lure Nicholson out for opening night of a one-man art show in San Francisco. Nicholson, who's collected Chatham paintings for five years, chatted with the artist and bought six more paintings. Crazy was also the way to sum up the scene among surprised browsers at the Maxwell Galleries when they suddenly realized that the Oscar winner was in their midst.

Family man Lamas
As the conniving and libidinous Lance Cumson on CBS' Falcon Crest, Lorenzo Lamas, 26, is under constant pressure from his equally unpleasant grandmother, Angela Channing (Jane Wyman), to produce an heir. Off-camera, Lamas and his second wife, former publicist Michele, 25, already have. And 5-month-old Alvaro Joshua ("A.J.") boasts three doting grandmas: Michele's mom, businesswoman Joy Smith, Arlene Dahl (Lorenzo's real mother, starring in One Life to Live on ABC) and Esther Williams (widow of Lorenzo's dad, Fernando Lamas).

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