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updated 06/18/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 06/18/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT

There's trouble on the set of Enemy Mine, a sci-fi thriller starring Louis Gossett Jr. and Dennis (The Right Stuff) Quaid. When the producers at 20th Century Fox recently saw rushes from the first three weeks of filming in Iceland, they scrapped the entire footage and replaced director Richard (Brimstone and Treacle) Loncraine with Wolfgang (Das Boot) Petersen. Filming will resume this fall in Hungary and other European locales, but the delay will put the film $8 million over its $20 million budget. Fox may have to pay up to $3 million just to keep Quaid, who was set to get $750,000 for the pic, on retainer. Gossett's retainer may cost even more. The stars' roles are also astronomical: Quaid is a space pilot and Gossett an alien creature called a Drac.

Now that independent producer Woody Clark has acquired the film and television rights to two books about John De Lorean, the big question is, who will play J.D.? The leading contender is James Coburn, but there's no word yet on who might be cast as De Lorean's wife, Cristina. The screenplay will be based on J. Patrick Wright's 1980 best-seller On a Clear Day You Can See General Motors and Hillel Levin's 1983 biography Grand Delusions. Clark plans to start filming in the U.S. and Europe this fall and do postproduction work at George Lucas' studios near San Francisco in order to take advantage of the sophisticated editing facilities. But, he notes, "This film won't have special effects." So don't expect the De Lorean flick to be titled Snow Wars.

Those hot British rockers Duran Duran, whose videos Girls on Film, Hungry Like the Wolf and The Reflex have become music channel staples, are looking to display their talents on the big screen. Keyboardist Nick Rhodes plans to produce and direct a short fantasy-adventure film after he marries model Julie Anne Friedman this summer. Meanwhile, lead vocalist Simon Le Bon, who announced at the Cannes Film Festival that the William Morris Agency might soon be managing his acting career, has received dozens of offers for parts, ranging from a British cavalryman to a Presley-like idol. But none so far has struck the right chord with Simon.

French author Dominique Lapierre, who co-authored The Fifth Horseman and Is Paris Burning? with Larry Collins, hopes to begin production next spring on a film, which he has scripted and will direct, about Mother Teresa. Lapierre has asked Deborah Kerr (From Here to Eternity, The King and I) to play the celebrated 73-year-old nun whose humanitarian work in India won her the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. But according to Kerr's agent, "Deborah's not considering it. We've all agreed it's not a suitable subject for her. She's far too young to play Mother Teresa." Might Kerr, 62, who hasn't appeared in a feature film since The Arrangement in 1969, be a little too tender about her age?

Shooting from the hip is second-nature to caustic comic Sandra Bernhard, the beanpole who helped kidnap Jerry Lewis in The King of Comedy. But for two upcoming movies, Bern-hard will be shooting through a camera lens. In Paparazzi she'll play a roving celebrity photojournalist whose reportage on Manhattan's fast set takes her from exclusive after-hours clubs to heroin shooting galleries. Bernhard is also slated to play a photographer for Rolling Stone in Perfect (opposite John Travolta as a Rolling Stone reporter). Former Saturday Night Live comedian Laraine Newman is likely to join the cast as a fitness buff who's interviewed by Travolta.

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