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updated 06/18/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 06/18/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT

A show of hands
The gangs were cutting each other bad in the Bronx when some dudes came along and said let's dance, man. No, it's not an old Michael Jackson video but a new movie called Beat Street, co-produced by Harry Belafonte (above, flanked by two break dancers from the Magnificent Force). Released last week, it shows how the breakers bring peace to the neighborhood. You'll see Hip-Hop dances like the Spiderwalk and the Smurf. And remember, like Mr. Belafonte say, break dancing is better than breaking heads.

Teddy triumphant
When Teddy Pendergrass appeared at a New York party to celebrate the release of his new LP, Love Language, 350 fans—including Patti Labelle, George Benson, Harold Rollins and Melba Moore—rose and cheered for 10 minutes. Flanked by his son Teddy Jr., 9, Pendergrass sat in a wheelchair with his hands over his head in triumph and tears streaming down his cheeks. Partly paralyzed by his near fatal 1982 auto accident, Pendergrass' message is still soulful. "More than ever," he said, "I want to express my love."

Diamond Dustin
Having struck out with this year's Tony nominating committee despite his critically acclaimed performance as Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman, Dustin Hoffman didn't fare much better on a Manhattan softball field. He walked in three runs as a reliever for the Salesman team in a 14-12 loss to a high-kicking Chorus Line squad in the Broadway Show League. Relegated to second base, Dustin nonetheless was cheered by son Jake, 3½ yelling, "Hit it, Daddy!"

Warren works the crowd
Warren Beatty, who is known for his liberal attitudes when it comes to both women and politics, combined those interests at fund-raising parties for two of his favorite Democrats. During a gathering in L.A.'s Biltmore Hotel honoring Gary Hart, Beatty spent most of the evening on the arm of the candidate's wife, Lee (below, left), grinning as he moved through gaggles of gorgeous Democrats who tugged at his rumpled corduroy suit. He even stopped briefly to hand out nutritional advice to the ladies. "Try Pritikin," he advised one overweight Yuppie. The next night Beatty was surrounded by the likes of Margot Kidder and Goldie Hawn at an L.A. unity bash to help erase the campaign debt of George McGovern, but he quickly abandoned his female admirers to talk politics with the boys.

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