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updated 06/25/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 06/25/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Julie, Queen of the Jungle
In Educating Rita, Julie Walters played a cockney housewife-turned-academic to Michael Caine's professorial Pygmalion. In her latest movie, She'll Be Wearing Pink Pyjamas, she plays a housewife enrolled in a survival course, sometimes to Walters' own amazement. During filming in London, one scene called for her to slide down a wire at 40 mph. Her first ride elicited a heartfelt "Bloody 'ell!," but 15 takes later Walters was, if not calm and cool, at least collected. "It is real scary," she said, "but I like it."

Joanie & Bobby together again
The times can't be a-changin' too much—not if Bob Dylan and Joan Baez are one of the summer's top draws. Baez, 43, who toured with Bob in 1964 and again with his 1975 Rolling Thunder Revue, signed on for four concerts on Dylan's current 20-stop European tour, which wraps in Ireland on July 8. Carlos Santana (right) is opening for Dylan, 43, as well as joining him in a flamenco version of Blowin' in the Wind.

Love, not war
His romance with Bernadette Peters has fizzled, but Steve Martin isn't playing The Lonely Guy. He popped up at a New York preview of the play Hurly-burly accompanied by actress Victoria Tennant, whom he reportedly met last fall while filming a new comedy, All of Me. Actually, the pair played opposite each other once before—when she was in ABC's The Winds of War on the same night his comedy special The Winds of Whoopee played on NBC.

Naval engagement
After seven years of togetherness, director Ken (Altered States) Russell, 56, and writer Vivian Jolly, 31, made it official in a wedding ceremony aboard the dry-docked Queen Mary in Long Beach, Calif. Pal Tony Perkins, who is an ordained minister in the mail-order Universal Life Church, conducted the nautically themed proceedings, which boasted an anchor-shaped cake. Appropriately, the newly spliced couple was launched with champagne.

Immortal sole
Dan Aykroyd and his wife of 14 months, actress Donna (Bosom Buddies) Dixon, rarely appear at public events, but they made an exception for the L.A. premiere of his new hit, Ghostbusters. Although the film has gotten good reviews and sent theater turnstiles spinning, Aykroyd says he regrets that his switch from TV's Saturday Night Live to movies has kept him away from the cutting edge of comedy. "I think my career peaked," he told one interviewer, "when I did the Bass-o-matic commercial on Saturday Night Live, taking a dead fish and liquefying it instantly."

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