Picks and Pans Review: Rock and Roll Lullaby

updated 07/09/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/09/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Jessi Colter

Colter has recorded nine previous solo albums, but none has come close to being the emotionally satisfying, musically refined, altogether wonderful project this one is. It may be that co-producer Chips Moman, who has turned out records for Elvis Presley and Colter's husband, Waylon Jennings, has helped her learn to use her frail, Dolly Partonish voice without overtaxing it. In any case, this LP is full of understated country music and a surprisingly touching version of the pop standard Stormy Weather. Colter profits from the old Ray Charles hit I Can't Stop Loving You, the title song (which made the charts for B.J. Thomas) and Basil McDavid's wry, rough-and-tumble tune Tiger. There are also a couple of endearing new songs: Easy Street, by Moman and Bobby Emmons ("I thought our place in the sun was made in the shade/But it ain't no bed of roses/Up on Easy Street these days"), and John Scott Sherrill's Wild and Blue ("They could just take you up yonder, honey/You're already wild and blue"). Jennings himself makes only a token background appearance, but no matter; with his wife doing so well, he'll be known as "Mr. Colter" any day now. (Triad Records)

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