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originally published 07/09/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Buxley Lib
Poor Miss Buxley. Mort Walker, 60, created her in the image of Marilyn Monroe 12 years ago and has put her in his Beetle Bailey cartoon strip ever since. But during the past few years some folks objected to Miss Buxley's lot. Newspapers running the Army strip began getting letters from people offended at seeing Miss Buxley, a veritable airhead, being gawked at by her male stripmates as she paraded her robust and scantly concealed figure. In May the controversy reached a peak when the Orlando Sentinel refused to run one strip showing Beetle's cohorts gleefully watching a wet T-shirt contest on TV. Earlier that month another strip offended the newspaper's editors when a couple of Army men scrutinized Miss Buxley's rear flank. Walker defended both strips: "I don't think guys will ever stop looking at women. God help the human race if they do." Nonetheless he plans a few changes now, such as "putting more clothes around her top or bottom." And one more thing: "General Halftrack will now ogle her more tastefully—if you can ogle tastefully."

What Becomes Two Legends Most
In case you haven't heard Michael Jackson's name during the last 15 minutes, here's your fix. Did you know Michael gets some of his trademark duds from L.A.'s Western Costume Company? A while ago Jackson's stylist rented a rackful of costumes for a photo session, including one so fragile and valuable that no one gets to wear it except Michael. It is the gold-embroidered, ermine-lined, red velvet cape worn by Marlon Brando in his role as Napoleon for the 1954 film Desiree. Says Bill Alvarez of Western Costumes, who rented the cape for $500 a day, "Michael loved it. We could barely get it off him." Alvarez had better get ready—now 10 million screaming teens will want one too.

Edited for Television
Don't accuse Sandy Faison of taking her work home with her. Two weeks ago, while nine months pregnant, Sandy made a startling revelation in her role as Dr. Beth Correll on The Edge of Night. She announced to her psychiatrist on the show that she is a virgin. So they keep the camera aimed above Sandy's waist these days. Amanda Blake, formerly Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke, played the psychiatrist who dished out advice about men. Offscreen, Amanda just took her fifth husband.


•After winning the Stanley Cup, Wayne Gretzky and the Edmonton Oilers decided to expand the tradition of drinking champagne from the trophy in the locker room. For 10 days Gretzky and his pals carried the cup to virtually every bar in town, filled it with champagne and let countless fans take a sip. Needless to say the Oilers will be well oiled for a while.

•Jerry Stiller, who stars in David Rabe's off-Broadway hit, Hurlyburly, thinks the play's director, Mike Nichols, ranks up there with the biggies in his chosen profession. Stiller told Nichols, "You're Cukor without the kook, von Sternberg without the stern and Lubitsch without the bitch."

•Subliminal advertising is banned in London. However, the writers of a satiric series called Spitting Image broke the rules anyway. As a joke, they put in a superfast flash-frame message. If you stopped the tape on a video machine, you could read what others saw subliminally. "Spitting Image scriptwriters are incredibly good in bed. Go out and sleep with one now."

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