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Indiana Jones
Where did you conduct that poll (PEOPLE, July 2), Outer Mongolia? I was able to name all but one of those stars (sorry, Mickey). By the way, in case you're reading this, Harrison, I'd recognize your face anywhere.
Julian Hackney
Columbia, S.C.

If Mr. Ford wants his privacy, so be it. All the public is entitled to is a good and entertaining performance. I'd say we've gotten our money's worth.
Marilyn Touli
Cupertino, Calif.

Your magazine talked to the wrong people. I know exactly who "what's his name" is on the cover—it's Harrison Ford, the sexiest, most refreshing and wonderfully male actor to come along since Gable, Flynn and Bogart. How is it that, out of 200 million-plus people in the U.S., you found the only 398 who don't go to the movies?
Robin R. Shield
Washington, D.C.

Only 5 percent surveyed knew who Mel Gibson was? Boy!! The other 95 percent don't know what they're missing!!
Darcy Herman
Glenshaw, Pa.

May Lemke
Your essay on handicapped pianist Leslie Lemke was wonderful, the perfect balm just now, when world and local news seem so disheartening and crippling to the spirit. I wonder how many readers see the same enchantment I do in the face of Leslie's stepmother, May. What a dear and good and valuable human being she must be. I have clipped the photos from your pages and will keep them on the bulletin board in my workroom for some time to come. When my own faith seems small and my strength becomes wobbly, I'll reflect on the lesson in humanities you gave me and be forever grateful.
Don Feld
Beverly Hills

With all that I read about the emotional, physical and sexual abuse of children that happens these days, it was a joy to read about parents like the Lemkes. May Lemke's message that "you have to love your children" is in great need of being heard. Leslie's life is a wonderful example of the power of the greatest healer and miracle worker there is—love.
Lynn Siverts
Oakland, Calif.

Bravo! Your article on Leslie Lemke and his mother is an inspiration to us all on how strong the human spirit really is. Go for it, Leslie! I wish the world were filled with more Mays. God bless them all.
Judy Hyman
Saddle Brook, N.J.

Ultimate Show Girl
I'm sure I'm not alone when I express the thought that Larry Lee should be put naked in a public square so women could judge him on a scale of 1 to 5. I'm sure he'd have a very small score, which would match the small mind he possesses.
Debbie Lieffers
Grand Rapids, Mich.

Jermaine Jackson
So Jermaine Jackson thinks his family is neither snobbish nor selfish, does he? Well I'd hardly call demanding $30 a concert ticket generous! Maybe the Jacksons want to keep their mother stocked in Rolls-Royces for life, but not all their fans can afford the payments. Next time you recall your humble roots, Jermaine, remember the people who are still there.
Mary E. Klink
Dearborn, Mich.

He-Man toys reign supreme with little girls too! My 6-year-old daughter, Courtney, has enjoyed many an exciting and fanciful adventure with her collection. Perhaps Mattel hasn't yet realized that He-Man and Barbie can happily co-exist in the imaginary play of a little girl.
Debbie M. Martin
Schenectady, N.Y.

Pinkard and Bowden
In your article on Sandy Pinkard and Richard Bowden (PEOPLE, June 4) you reported they were the composers of the song Elvis Was a Narc. In addition you indicated that the song has yet to be recorded. You are incorrect in both respects. The song was written and composed by Lewis Anderson and Fred Koller and published by our company. Pinkard and Bowden have recorded the song for Warner Bros. Records, and it will be released on their forthcoming album.
Don Gant
Old Friends Music

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