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updated 07/23/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/23/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Jane Badler, the villainous alien Diana on NBC's mini-series V, will have her image updated when the show becomes a weekly series this fall. Out with the staid, quilted-tunic tops and the mannerly combed-back hair. Now, Jane reports, "The producers want me to look sexy and punky. I'm getting new costumes in hot colors like purple and red, and I'll have shorter hair." But fear not, viewers. Badler promises, "I'll be as bitchy as ever." To get into earth-conquering trim, Jane spent a week at her mother's health spa in Key West, Fla., where she lost six pounds on a diet of fruit juice and vegetable broth. Still, that was more palatable than her on-camera fare, which so far has consisted of a rat and a parrot. Okay, so the parrot was made of "really good chocolate," says Jane. "I was trying to diet that day and I didn't want to eat any sugar. So I spit out the chocolate between takes." Now that's willpower.

Tom Selleck is going to get a new buddy on CBS' Magnum, P.I. this fall. If you think he looks an awful lot like Tom's old buddy Mack, you're right. It's the same actor. Mack, played by Jeff MacKay, got blown to bits in Tom's red Ferrari in the spring of 1982. Presto! The car returned good as new last fall. Reincarnation is beyond even the fantastic reach of prime-time cop shows, so CBS had to bring MacKay back as Mack's look-alike relative! MacKay had no beef with the blow-up because he had already signed to co-star on ABC's 1982 series Tales of the Gold Monkey, which quickly went the way of the red Ferrari...

Using a similar ploy, CBS successfully reinstated Lisa Hartman on Knots Landing last season after viewers protested the murder of her sexy singer character, Ciji. Word is that Hartman, who now plays Cathy Geary, will have some of the series' hottest love scenes next season with Knots newcomer Alec (Cutter to Houston) Baldwin, who will portray an evangelist.

Ever wonder what attracts an actor to a part? In the soon-to-be-released film Stick (directed by and starring Burt Reynolds), George Segal plays a flamboyant, nouveau riche South Florida speculator who "wears a muumuu and a gold medallion and sings a tribute to Frank Sinatra," says Segal. "That's why I took the part." An accomplished banjo player who has strummed at Carnegie Hall, Segal admits he was "a little nervous about singing" the Sinatra song A Foggy Day. Predicts George, "I won't be at the Persian Room singing ballads soon."

Ever since M*A*S*H's Corporal Klinger (played by Jamie Farr) reupped in the CBS sequel After MASH, his famous skirts and frills have been conspicuously absent from his wardrobe. Maybe America wouldn't invite Boy George to dinner, but it sure loves the sight of an enlisted man in a dress. Says Rosalind Chao, who plays Farr's TV wife, Soon Lee, "The most frequent viewer complaint we heard last season was that Klinger had become a wimp. So the producers have decided to bring back the zaniness that made the character so popular on M*A*S*H. They're planning to go pretty far, maybe even back to the occasional dress." Did you hear that right? Guys who wear just pants are wimps...

Well, it wouldn't surprise Dustin Hoffman. To date, Hoffman has collected about $25 million from box office receipts, TV and cable revenues and videocassette sales from Tootsie.

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