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Geraldine Ferraro
I was filled with hope and pride as I read your article about Gerry Ferraro (PEOPLE, July 30). Her story shows us that sorrow and financial struggle, along with love and support from a parent, can be true character builders. I wish her the best.
Rami Singh

As a woman, I am as excited as anyone about a possible woman Vice-President. However, when I read that Geraldine Ferraro had questioned President Reagan's sincerity as a Christian, it made my blood boil. One should never talk about whether one is a good Christian—or Muslim or Jew or Buddhist. It's like an athlete bragging about how great he is: It takes something away from the person. When it comes to religion, we must answer only to God. When it comes to politics, you must answer to the people. Stick to the issues, Geraldine.
Sue-Lane Garrett
Westboro, Mass.

Roller Coasters
I read your story on the 10 best roller coasters, waiting to see if my favorites, the Blue Streak and the Gemini at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, made the list. Alas, they had not. I wouldn't drive the 500 miles every summer if it weren't worth the thrills and screams.
Mickie McGuinness
Schenectady, N.Y.

How could you overlook the 12-story, quadruple upside-down Orient Express at Kansas City's Worlds of Fun?
Tim Baldwin
Arlington, Texas

How about the Loch Ness Monster at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg?
Sid Johnson
Chesapeake, Va.

Rabbi Kahane
How dare this man call himself a rabbi? As a Jew, I remember well that my grandparents fled their homes in Russia without their belongings because of the narrow-minded views of the Czar. Many of Kahane's fellow Israelis were turned out of their homes and countries because of Hitler's distorted views of who belonged and who didn't. How then is Kahane different? I am ashamed to know that he may win his elections because enough fellow Jews support his campaign of hatred. It's a sad day for people of all races and religions.
Vicki Daly Redholtz
Santa Monica, Calif.

On July 23 Meir Kahane was elected to the Knesset.

In Rabbi Kahane burns the fire of ancient Israel's prophets, and those who would deny him his convictions are guilty of the most egregious hypocrisy. I feel he is the greatest living Jew.
R. Schwartz
Fort Wayne, Ind.

I'm tired of hearing what a cute, funny movie Gremlins is. I love horror movies, but this one was inappropriately mixed with comedy, snaring a young audience and then frightening it. When I saw the show on opening night, before word of the grisly scenes got out, there were children all over the theater crying and hiding their eyes. This movie should have been toned down to get a PG rating, or else the cuteness should have been removed. Then it would have been a straight R-rated horror, or should I say gore, film. Horror, to me, means artful suspense, not splatter.
Michele Miller
Austin, Texas

Instead of recoiling from Gremlins in horror, you could look at it in a different fashion. Those children who saw E.T. a couple of years ago and understood something about love can now see Gremlins and learn something about danger. After all, life isn't only Reese's Pieces; there has to be some greasy, leftover chicken.
Mark D. Sylvester
Hopewell, N.J.

Curtis Pesmen
Getting old can be a nightmare. Curtis Pesmen's book How a Man Ages is a commendable boost to the attempt to make the senior years a golden joy. Forewarned is forearmed. As a senior citizen, I thank Pesmen for his alert, sensitive, valuable advice.
Dave Bloom
New York City

One of your readers complains about an "almost fanatical fervor that has been brought to bear on the drinking driver" while homes are still burglarized and people held up in broad daylight. What he does not take into account is that when you put a car into the hands of a drunk driver, it may well become a murder weapon. For example, this spring two girls were killed by a teenage drunk driver. One was a close friend and colleague of mine, and I felt the loss deeply, as did the company for whom she worked. In our own private ways we are still grieving for our friend and for the waste, the senseless loss that needn't have happened. If these two girls had been held up, chances are they would have lost only their purses, not their lives.
Barbara Fisher
Sherman Oaks, Calif.

A truly "fanatical fervor" should be "brought to bear on the drinking driver." Cari Lightner, the daughter of the woman who founded MADD, was born just four days after I was, and it is a disgrace to see anyone killed needlessly as Cari was.
Jennifer A. Farris
Waldo, Ohio

Olympic Games
I feel a strong compulsion to challenge Jeff Jarvis. In his review of this week's TV, he says that more than 10 hours a day of Olympic coverage is "a definite overdose of sweat and pluck." What kind of nonsense is this? This is a fine opportunity to impress on our children, without lecturing, the satisfactions that come from hard work, fair-mindedness and pride in one's accomplishments. When Dallas, Falcon Crest and A-Team are in their heyday, how can Mr. Jarvis think that two short weeks of 10 hours a day filled with wonderful, emotional and patriotic moments are anything but too brief?
Teresa Van Pelt
Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.

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