Picks and Pans Review: Warrior

updated 08/27/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 08/27/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT


Lead singer Patty Smyth looks pouty and gussies herself up as your standard punk-rock sex bomb-let. But she is much more—she's a singer of real substance, like a slightly hardened Sheena Easton or a softened Pat Benatar. The music of her group, which had a splashy success last year with a five-tune EP, is sophisticated stuff, full of mesmerizing melodic and rhythmic hooks mixed with restrained lyrics. Smyth's voice is rich and textured; she also has enough range to vary her sound within songs as well as among them. The title song (spurred by a preposterous video) is already a hit, but the near-ballad Say What You Will and the zingier Tonight and Beat of a Heart bear repeated play, too. Except for Smyth and guitarist Keith Mack, the band has broken up since the album was recorded. The loss of drummer Thommy Price won't be easy to offset. But Smyth is the band's pivotal member, and she shouldn't be going anywhere except up. (Columbia)

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