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updated 08/27/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 08/27/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Just whose legs are those anyway? In the two-hour premiere of Glitter, an upcoming ABC series about a celebrity magazine, there is much ado over the mystery identity of the next issue's cover girl. Several times her shapely gams are glimpsed striding through the office, and her veiled figure is seen during a photo session. At the end of the episode Van Johnson, playing the magazine editor, holds up the just-printed cover to reveal the subject: Linda Evans. But Linda's shooting schedule on ABC's Dynasty (which, like Glitter, is produced by Aaron Spelling) prevented her from doing her own leg-work. "They found someone who has legs that look just like mine," shrugs Linda. The stand-in, however, has yet to step forward....

Ellen Barkin, who won good notices in movies like Diner arid Tender Mercies, also requested a leg-alike—for a scene in the recently released film Buckaroo Banzai, in which bugs crawl up her legs. But, says Barkin, "when I saw that my double's legs didn't measure up to mine, I agreed to do the scene." The producers gave Barkin her choice of creepy crawlers. She picked a tarantula and a millipede.

Not every movie Steven Spielberg produces turns to box-office gold. In fact one film, Fandango, has nearly turned to dust on a shelf at Warner Bros. since it was shot last year. The studio said the movie, written and directed by Spielberg protégé Kevin Reynolds, was unreleasable partly because it featured a cast of newcomers, including Sam Robards (son of Jason Robards and Lauren Bacall). After seeing the first cut Reynolds conceded there were script problems in the first 20 minutes of the movie, which is about four Vietnam-era high school buddies who have a wild predraft weekend in Mexico. With help from Spielberg, the executive producer, Reynolds got a four-day reshoot in March. But still the studio is hedging. Fandango will be released Sept. 28 and then only in New York and L.A. to test its appeal.

Sexy Sharon Stone, 26, refused to show all on the set for her steamy scene with Tom Selleck in the season premiere of Magnum, P.I. this fall. Says Stone, "I didn't have the nerve to go topless." Though she appears bare-breasted in the soon-to-be-released film Irreconcilable Differences with Ryan O'Neal, Sharon says, "It took me three months to get over doing that scene. When I dropped my top my heart was in my feet." Stone turned down a role opposite Nick Nolte in the film Teachers because of its nude scenes, but she hasn't ruled out future appearances in the buff. She explains, "I didn't want to be naked in two films back to back." So to speak.

Marine Jahan (Jennifer Beals' Flashdance double) is coming out with an exercise video this fall. Called Freedanse, the 55-minute workout focuses on free-form dance movements designed to overcome wallflower inhibitions and midriff bulge.

Former Mouseketeer Annette Funicello, 41, has signed to do her first Disney flick in 20 years. Called Lots of Luck, the film, which will air on the Disney Channel next year, is about a lottery-winning family. Annette, who will play the hairdresser-wife of Martin Mull, hopes the movie will improve her luck. She complains, "I don't even win the centerpiece at charity dinners."

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