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Inside Comedy
Thanks for your cover story on the reigning comedians (PEOPLE, Aug. 13), and you were right—David Letter-man and his staff deserve special credit, not only for their innovative style but for their exposure of so many talented, hardworking new comics. However, I was disappointed that you left out one of the finest stand-up comedians, Jay Leno.
Regina A. Caschetto
Milford, Conn.

Why was my aunt, Kit Haralson, left out of your comedy story? I know people laugh when she performs at the Improv and the Laugh Factory, but she's more crazy in real life. She hasn't been able to do her stand-up act this summer because she has mononucleosis, so she's been home practicing all her routines on us, her dogs and anyone who calls.
Sarah Courtney Haralson
Charleston, Tenn.

Geraldine Ferraro
In reviewing Gerry Ferraro's clothes, hairstyle, etc., PEOPLE said, "If Ferraro has made a single sartorial mistake, it may have been the white coatdress she wore for her acceptance speech. More than one woman considered the color simply too impractical for serious work." I am a nurse who takes care of heart attack victims. I wear white. I can't think of anything more serious, can you? I don't know Ms. Ferraro's stands on all the issues yet, but after hearing her acceptance speech I was so intrigued that I intend to learn more. I didn't even remember what color she was wearing.
Wanda McBride
Bolivar, Mo.

I don't like Geraldine Ferraro! There, I've said it. I've done the unpardonable, I've put down the historic choice, I've maligned the savior of women. I don't like anyone who indicates to me how lucky I am to be able, at last, to vote for a woman for Vice-President. She is the lucky one. Lucky if any of us lowly voters deem her worthy of our precious votes. The Democratic Party is trying to slide Walter Mondale into the White House on the coattails (apron strings?) of Gerry F. I wouldn't vote for him if he had Princess Di running with him. I'll save my "woman's" vote for Elizabeth Dole in 1988. Now who can we get to run with her?
Nancy A. Hope
Long Valley, N.J.

Troy Donahue
Back in the late '50s when most guys were wearing Elvis hairstyles, I chose Troy Donahue as my imaginary big brother. While rock 'n' roll movies seemed corny to me, I felt that Troy represented romance, class and drama. I thought that if only I could be like him, I would get all the girls, fame and fortune. Thanks for a chance to reminisce about the good old days.
David G. Myers
Montgomery, Ala.

Loretta Lynn
Why do so many dig at Loretta Lynn's husband, Mooney, regularly pointing out that he doesn't appear to be a money-maker in his own right? Loretta obviously loves him. She has always given him credit for her success, letting us know that if it hadn't been for him, she'd never have opened her mouth. And if she's such a workhorse, who reared those six children? Give the guy a break from this double standard. I admire him for the many years that he has stood by his woman, giving her what he could and allowing the rest of the country to think what it wants.
Sandra Chapman
Timonium, Md.

Olympic eagle
Your article on Bomber the bald eagle would have been the funniest thing ever to appear in your magazine, had it not been so serious for that middle-aged gent. I laughed till I cried, not at old Bomber but at all the damned fools whose dreams of Olympic glory resided and culminated in the rather dubious flying abilities of that poor bird. The analogy is obvious: We've been watching the Olympics for two weeks. Middle-aged myself, I know how Bomber must have felt. He is now truly soaring with the eagles; he has left the turkeys behind.
John R. Best
West Bend, Wis.

I would like to commend Steve Hoddy, Bomber's trainer. I had heard many stories about this "eagle killer," but after reading your story, it was obvious to me that he cared enough to take responsibility for the bird.
Beth Clark
Mammoth Lakes, Calif.

Picks & Pans
I think it's time for your TV reviewer to move out of the flag-burning generation and step into the 1980s. Call to Glory should be applauded. What's so bad about loving one's country? If it weren't for the men who "never turned their back on their country," Mr. Jarvis might be sitting in his state-owned apartment watching a state-produced movie about the joys of life in Siberia.
Kathleen Zebrowski
Ware, Mass.

Rod Stewart
Not again. Rod Stewart has given himself more rope to hang himself with. His remarks about Jeff Beck, the brilliant and timeless guitarist who just left his tour, were the height of sour grapes.
Annie Apple
Commack, N.Y.

Duran Duran
Brief accounts of Roger Taylor's wedding appeared the day after in local newspapers but, alas, no picture of the mysterious bride. The shock of Roger's marriage was hard enough for my daughter and her friends to bear, but no picture was more than they could take. They were doomed to wait at least a month until the fan mags ran a picture of this girl, and I was doomed to hear about their agony until then. But luckily your magazine arrived, and, thank God, the first wedding picture appeared. On behalf of my daughter, her friends and my sanity, thank you for printing the photo.
Cynthia Perkins
Lowell, Mass.

Another member of Duran Duran, Nick Rhodes, married a Yankee from Des Moines Aug. 18 (page 34), and our correspondent in London reports that Simon Le Bon may well be next.—ED.

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