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updated 09/03/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 09/03/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Rhinestone failed to sparkle, but Dolly Parton's star continues to shine. In addition to writing a screenplay, which will reunite her with Nine to Five co-stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, Dolly is scripting a comedy she wants Warren Beatty to direct. "He's been interested in directing me for a few years," Dolly says. "Even before I did Nine to Five, he thought I had star quality." Dolly hasn't told Beatty about her pet project but says, "If he don't want to do it, I'll pick somebody else." Meanwhile, Parton's Rhinestone co-star, Sly Stallone, starts filming Rambo: First Blood II this month in Mexico. The sequel was to have been shot in Thailand, but tough guy Stallone reportedly was bugged by all the insects there, referring to them as "little black things in the air." Producer Andrew Vajna denies that Sly is so thin-skinned: The change of locale, he says, was due to money and travel considerations, adding, "There are just as many bugs in Mexico."

Rebecca (Risky Business) De Mornay found that learning how to sing wasn't the toughest part of her role as a pop singer in Neil Simon's upcoming film, Slugger's Wife. (She studied with Michael Jackson's vocal coach, Seth Riggs, before recording six tunes, produced by Quincy Jones, for the movie.) The hardest part was gaining enough weight to please producer Ray Stark. "He thought I was too skinny," says the 5'7", thin actress. "One Saturday morning he sent, me two chocolate cakes. He kept plying me with food while we were shooting. I gained six or seven pounds. Neil Simon got worried, though, after we filmed a scene with me at the baseball game. Later he told Ray, 'During the game, Rebecca ate a hamburger and a hot dog!' "

There have been as many stars off the set as on during the filming of Perfect! in L.A. Much of the shooting has taken place at the tony Sports Connection health clubs in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, where John Travolta, playing a Rolling Stone reporter, has been scoping out the California fitness circuit. Off-camera, Travolta and co-stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Marilu Henner and Laraine Newman have run into many of the clubs' star members, including Jim Brown, Ted Danson, Ed Marinaro, Andrew Stevens and Playboy's Playmate of the Year, Barbara Edwards. The cast was more than a bit startled, however, to see Rodney Dangerfield working out there too. But when Rodney showed off his new iron-man physique pool-side, he got some respect and a kiss from Newman.

Twiggy's one and only these days appears to be Tim (Animal House) Matheson. The couple were spotted not long ago on the British Virgin Island of Tortola sharing a romantic dinner at the secluded Sugar Mills Estate restaurant. Twiggy, 34, who finishes her Broadway run with Tommy Tune in My One and Only at the end of October, and Matheson, 34, exited hand in hand and roared off into the tropical night in a Suzuki jeep.

Neil Diamond is working on a script for a movie musical called Beautiful Noise, inspired by his autobiographical 1976 LP about Manhattan's changing music scene in the early '60s. Though many of that era's musical stars will be transformed into composite characters, some may appear in the film. Diamond has been talking with Linda Ronstadt and Stevie Wonder. Diamond won't play himself, however. He's looking for an actor in his early 20s to portray the streetwise New York kid who can sing. A leading contender to play Diamond in the rough: Matthew (War-Games) Broderick.

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