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updated 09/03/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 09/03/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Liz has a Burton family reunion
"We'll keep a welcome in the hillsides," sang the villagers in Pontrhydyfen, Wales when Elizabeth Taylor, 52, came to visit Richard Burton's birthplace and his seven surviving brothers and sisters. Liz, who earlier prayed at the Swiss grave of the man she married twice, had wanted to attend the Welsh memorial service in the village on August 11 but stayed away to avoid embarrassing Richard's widow, Sally Hay. Liz had last been to Pontrhydyfen nine years ago on a visit with Richard during their second marriage, when they stayed with his sister Hilda Owen. The actress told the Rev. Eric Williams, who conducted the memorial service, that she still wants to be buried in the section of the family plot Richard reserved for them there when they were first married. "She told us she feels the village is her true home," said Hilda Owen, second from left above, with whom Liz again stayed.

Koo says 'I do'
Koo Stark didn't get her prince, but there's at least one thing charming about Tim Jeffries, 22, whom Koo, 28, wed on August 15 in London: He's an heir to the fortune his grandfather made in trading stamps. Tim last year inherited about $650,000, quit his job in a music shop and declared he wanted to be a professional racer. The wedding was quiet, but not exactly a family affair. Tim's mother didn't attend, having recently said of the bride and former soft-porn star, "Who would want such shop-soiled goods?"

Hey, Sports fans! Here's an odd set
Huey Lewis' third album is No. 2 on the charts and is called Sports, so where better to have a party after a concert in Manhattan than the Sports Training Institute? Billie Jean King was invited because she works out on the equipment there. Chris Evert Lloyd came because she thinks Huey is "the nicest" rocker around. Of the five concerts she has been to in her life, two have been by Huey and his group, the News. (The others: Elton John, Hall & Oates and Tom Jones, "but he isn't really a rock star.") Chris returned Huey's favor by inviting him to Flushing Meadows to see her play—at the U.S. Open starting this week. There, unlike the fare at the Sports Training Institute, the food won't be served on upturned barbells.

Taking Cara business
You could call this two-person motorcycle gang the Young Oscars. Irene Cara, 25, won one this year for co-authoring the song Flashdance...What a Feeling, which she also sang in the movie. Tatum O'Neal, 20, took hers at age 10 for Best Supporting Actress in Paper Moon. Now they're teaming in A Certain Fury, an action film about two girls thrown together as they escape from a courtroom shoot-out. Irene plays a well-educated rich kid named Tracy and Tatum a street punk named Scarlet. The film is billed as taking place in "the seething underbelly of a sprawling waterfront city," and the producers cast a Canadian city named Vancouver in that role.

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