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updated 10/01/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 10/01/1984 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Beatlemania, '80s-style
For a fantasy sequence in Give My Regards to Broad Street, his first feature film since 1980's Rockshow with Wings, Paul McCartney bleached his hair white and donned a getup that made him look like a cross between David Bowie and a bellhop. In fact the movie, which also features Ringo Starr and is scheduled for release October 26, is more a nostalgic stroll through strawberry fields than a space oddity, with Paul & Co. reprising such Beatle classics as Yesterday and Long and Winding Road. Meantime, Sean Lennon, 9, makes his singing debut on the new Every Man Has a Woman album, a collection of his mom Yoko Ono's songs performed by various artists. After the last recording session for the LP, Sean got up at the wrap party and belted out his number, It's Alright, for an audience that included Rosanne Cash, Harry Nilsson and Roberta Flack. Sean and Yoko sure have lots to sing about: Forbes magazine has just named her one of the 400 richest Americans, with a conservatively estimated fortune of $150 million.

But what would Dr. Welby think?
Earlier this year Hotel star James Brolin, 44, looked as though he was checking out of his 17-year marriage to Jane, 45, the mother of his two sons. Then actress Jan (WKRP in Cincinnati) Smithers, 30ish, checked into his life. Brolin and Smithers recently dined at Elaine's in New York, but the former star of Marcus Welby, M.D. hasn't filed for a final divorce decree and doesn't plan to. "Jan is a great gal," allows Brolin, "but letting things continue as they are is the practical thing to do. Jane and I have an open marriage."

Playing footsie
Sugar Ray Leonard never had feet of clay in the ring, but he was willing to plant them in cement with Pia Zadora when they were both invited to add their handprints and footprints to the "Walk of Fame" at Las Vegas' Riviera Hotel. The pair had at least one thing in common: He became a doting father for the second time last June, and Pia, 28, is expecting her first child in December. Pia and her 60-year-old hubby Meshulam Riklis (who happens to own the Riviera) have already picked out the names: Christopher for a boy and (gulp) Ashley if it's a girl.

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