Picks and Pans Review: Rescue Mission

updated 11/05/1984 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/05/1984 AT 01:00 AM EST

Once in a rare while a critic goes to bat for a show that's dying a needless death. That's what helped save Cheers and Hill Street Blues. ABC's Paper Dolls isn't quite so highbrow. In fact it's TV trash. But it's wonderfully entertaining trash that's crumbling and doesn't deserve to. Paper Dolls raises the juicy Dallas/Dynasty/Falcon Crest genre into a veritable art form. It is filled with gorgeous people, wonderful clothes, gritty plots and one spectacular video vixen, Morgan Fairchild. But Dolls has come in as low as 53rd in the ratings recently against thimble-brained Riptide on NBC and movies on CBS. ABC denies that it is considering taking the scissors to Paper Dolls, but unless more people start watching, it could die. Don't let that happen. Watch Paper Dolls just once. Please.... Saturday Night Live was worthless in its premiere. It got worse in its second show. But it got much livelier in its third, thanks to guest host Jesse Jackson. He is not a comic, and in some of his skits—notably in a bit with a Sammy Davis Jr. look-alike and in one of Martin Short's Ed Grimley adrenalinathons—he proved that. Still, with his sly analysis of one of the presidential debates (counting off the time it took for Ronald Reagan to collect his thoughts) and with his list of people not allowed in his Rainbow Coalition ("people who put up Christmas stockings for dogs"), Jackson put timely humor back where it belongs, on Saturday Night Live. It took a politician and amateur comic to remind TV that politics can be funny.... This week's TV schedule looks like a month of SNLs: half awful, half okay....

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