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updated 11/12/1984 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/12/1984 AT 01:00 AM EST

Comic relief
It was Sunday in the park with twins Rachel and Ross, 10 months, for the Today show's Jane Pauley and her husband, cartoonist Garry Trudeau. The New York clan seemed supremely unconcerned with a report that President Reagan had told a group of editors that he "absolutely" agreed with readers who thought Doonesbury made unfair fun of his administration.

Babs' new beau
Barbra Streisand, 42, in London to make a music video, has been known to get feisty with photographers. But it was her new flame, musical director Richard (Nashville) Baskin, 34, who blew his cool as the couple emerged from a restaurant. According to a British tabloid, Baskin threw beer at Fleet Street's finest and "appeared to offer them a knuckle sandwich."

Eat and run
President Reagan's visit to a synagogue on Long Island was a hit, and part of the proof was a bust. Okay, the two-foot-high likeness wasn't exactly Mount Rushmore, but it wasn't chopped liver either. Strike that: It was chopped liver, sculpted by a delicatessen owner. Coming soon: a bagel shaped like Tip O'Neill?

Perennial Perry
It's only a rumor that ancient Celts used the rocks of Stonehenge to calculate the appearance of Perry Como's annual Christmas special, but it is true that the singer's yearly outing—now in its 30th edition—is an event only slightly less certain than the winter solstice. Last week the Christmas season officially got under way when a remarkably fit Como, 72, and guest Ann-Margret, 43, began taping this year's production in London.

Ari heir
Christina Onassis, 33, and her fourth husband, Paris-based pharmaceutical heir Thierry Roussel, 32, are keeping a low profile, in part because the profile itself is constantly changing. The shipping heiress, who is pregnant with her first child, has told friends she plans to stick to a regimen of healthy food and plenty of bed rest until the baby arrives in March.

While Princess Anne watched a pageant at a center for the disabled in Bristol, another spectator, Rags the nag, leaned over and bit her bouquet. "You're old enough to know better," scolded the Princess. Obviously chastened, Rags waited a full three seconds before making another pass at the bloomin' horse d'oeuvres.

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